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Finding somewhere to grab a coffee in Melbourne is simple but finding a decent coffee now there’s your challenge. Not that there’s much to improve a Soy Latte in my eyes (Mr regular flat white no sugar over here will passionately disagree) but how about helping an amazing cause when you grab your daily cuppa. Enter Kinfolk.
We stumbled across this place by sheer luck, drawn in by the brickwork and plants (Jonny has a sixth sense for a good bush) and thought we’d pop in for a quick coffee. We ended up staying for lunch. IMG_7476 You quickly realise that this isn’t your average café, there’s little clues dotted all over, from the volunteer list of who is working there today, to information about the two incredible programmes that 100% of the profits go to. It seemed rude not to buy a second coffee. And then a juice. And then some food. Not only was the food amazing and they do a decent coffee but after all when every bit you spend goes to a good cause it would be silly not to indulge. IMG_7477 Everyday the Chefs come up with a different menu and specials for the chalkboards. We both ended up going for the lunch deal, choose from three incredible sounding salads matched with the soup of the day. Throw in organic food and local produce and what you have is a simple menu that proves for a perfect lunch date. IMG_7487 Check this place out. Even if you just grab a quick coffee or end up staying half the afternoon, its casual, its simple and it’s doing so much right you can’t go wrong.   Find Kinfolk- 673 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000 Kinfolk on Urbanspoon


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