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Flat Fleur-nishing

In laws are coming to visit. The flats a hole.

Obviously you’re going to pretend otherwise but you have the cash issue-toss up between drowning the place in fresh flowers or breaking out a beast of a cheese board after the meal you’re planning to cook.

Clearly cheese is the obvious answer.

But you still want a few little bits here and there to brighten the place up…enter our great cheap alternative. Whilst we were down the market sampling everything possible in the Deli we picked up a few bunches of fresh lavender at the flower stall. A quick detour to The Chapel Street Bazaar, a treasure trove of literally everything you could possibly imagine from a canoe to a stuffed bear to vintage Playboys and fur coats, where we hunted for some cheap glass jars.


The result, our budget flower set up that not only makes the flat smell incredible if not slightly like your nan but when the lavender dies they still look exactly the same so no need to throw away and then buy more.

Failing that and to save even more money just pick a few wild flowers on your way home. We have this huge bush right near our door that has these incredible orange flowers that we pick every so often, all you need is one bright one and that’s another jar filled.


Multi purpose purchasing.
And if you’re over the flowers then just fill a jar with gin and soda water, smash up some raspberries add lime and mint and you’re good to go. Perfect cocktail size.

Find Chapel Street Bazaar –

217 Chapel Street, Prahan 3181


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