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Ticking off Fraser Island

Casually cooking up a culinary storm as per last night and we got talking about what had been the highlights so far of Australia. Whilst I’m still trying to forget our stint as shepherds and Jonny’s holding back the tears mourning his beloved motorbike the one thing we both agreed on was when we visited Fraser Island.

It couldn’t have come at a better time, Jonny had only been here less than a month and he’d spent the majority checking out the delights of a hospital wing as I recovered from surgery. Not quite the wild reunion I bet he’d had in mind.

So escaping on a little holiday was well deserved for Dr Jon.


We’d heard from so many different people that checking out Fraser Island was a must do but being the pessimist I am, I expected an anti-climax after all the hype. Bit like the first time you watched Borat after every ones already told you the jokes, but thankfully our visit definitely did not disappoint.

The place itself is postcard perfect, all the cliché white sand beaches you can imagine and then some. You get to see such a gorgeous part of Australia, the incredible crystal clear waters and beautiful rain forests plus I’m a sucker for a good shipwreck. We can even boast how we were lucky enough to see whales breaching from the beach one morning.



Since it worked out easier to go on a tour instead we booked with Drop Bear Adventures, I want to say it was because it was number 1 on Trip Advisor and not because it was the cheapest tour we found but in the end it worked out perfectly. Unlike other tours we found these guys just charge you one inclusive fee, no extra cost for sleeping bag hire, and $10 here and there for your food, nope everything was paid for and the guide in charge was an absolute sweetheart. Anyone who has done this tour and was with Simen knows exactly what I’m talking about. Forget mingling with the other travellers, we stuck with him. Potentially too much, I lost my boyfriend for a few days as he bonded with his new lover over trees, surf and vans. Simple pleasures eh.

fraser island

But this is definitely well worth the hype. Gorgeous scenery and a sense of freedom when you take your turn in the drivers seat to cruise down the beach in your convoy of 4×4’s. I say this but I was actually too nervous to drive so I left it to the others and was a classic backseat driver instead. Apologies.


I cannot recommend this trip enough, I think I even screamed at my friend the other day when he said he was heading that way this weekend and ‘might, maybe check it out’ No no no Daniel. Correction. You are checking it out.  And go with Drop Bear Adventures. If you can’t travel it yourself and have to go on an organised tour then you might as well pick the best one.

You can thank me later.

IMG_8252 copy



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