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Wining and Dining in The Yarra Valley.

Remember when you were young and you never understood why adults actually chose to drink a glass of wine out of choice and not just when they wanted to get so drunk they woke up in bed spooning their bin?
Then as we grow up we suddenly become fully committed members to the vino appreciation society and it’s a downhill spiral of Merlot and Pinot at every occasion.

wine tour 1

So what could be a better present for when my sister and Jonnys parents came over for Christmas but to treat them to a ‘classy’ wine tour in the Yarra Valley. (This way it’s as much a present for us as it is for them. We are clever like that you see).

We ended up booking our day trip with Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tour as they promised a pretty full on sounding package and well we just wanted plenty of chances to try the wine. All of them.



With the tour we visited four Vineyards, the Chandon Sparkling Winery, a brewery, and a chocolate factory as well as stopping for a surprisingly delicious lunch and a cheese tasting.
Action packed but it never felt rushed, although we were always the last ones to get back on the party bus. Ooops. Don’t think we were favourites amongst the others by the end of it. But what can we say? We were just quality testing the grapes. Even the guide was an unexpected bonus, not the wine snob you’d picture. He even gave me extra samples at the cheese tasting, so won instant bonus points there.

wine tour 2


I’d definitely recommend doing this for a day trip, we all loved it. Picture a classy chauffeured pub crawl. What’s not to enjoy.
Even though we paid a fair bit for this tour we made sure to get our wines worth and it was just overall a really decent day out. I’m pretty sure you can just turn up at any Vineyard and pay a small fee to test the wines. So you just need to rope someone in to be the designated driver and off you go.


Better start practicing your wine swirling and slurping like the pros and by the end of the day you’ll pretty much be an industry expert.
Or more than likely you’re just drunk.



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