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The Lawson Grove Shop

Listen carefully because we are about to let you in on a little secret and introduce you to the cutest little cafe in Melbourne that is going to change your Sunday mornings for ever. When you find somewhere like The Lawson Grove Shop you’re torn between telling every person you meet and taking the treasured location to your grave, lucky for you we are feeling generous. Just don’t tell too many people…

When we escaped the rat infested delights of our first ‘home’ in Melbourne and found our new flat we didn’t think it could get any better. For one thing the walls didn’t shake whenever someone coughed and we didn’t have to dodge around the mushrooms growing on the bathroom floor every time we wanted to shower.
So imagine how much sweeter the move was when Jonny reported back that there was a little coffee shop next door. (Hello morning latte in bed?) But not just any old coffee shop, imagine you could build a café next to your house what would it be like? Fresh home made food? Tick. Decent coffee. Tick. An atmosphere where you can sit for hours and not feel like you’ve overstayed your welcome. Tick. An adorable old dog that keeps watch outside in the sun? Oh and free wifi which in Melbourne is pretty much unheard of unless you want to admit you sit in the corner of Hungry Jacks in the evening to use theirs.


You’ll find The Lawson Grove Coffee Shop nestled beneath a huge fir tree hidden down a little art deco cul de sac in South Yarra, its one of those places that if you didn’t know it was there you wouldn’t find it, which all but adds to its charm. You’ve got your little tables dotted outside to bask in the sun but we always end up inside on the large share table watching the world go by, don’t pretend you don’t enjoy a good dose of people watching.


The first time we popped in Jen the owner already knew our names (it’s that kind of place) and treated us like repeat customers not strangers. Everyone is so cheerful and friendly and there’s just a great feeling as soon as you step inside. It’s laid back and relaxed something that makes all the difference when you think about some places that rush you in and out and there’s no soul behind it.


The food itself speaks volumes, it’s a simple menu but so effective. All cooked fresh in the kitchen its some of the best brunch I’ve had in Melbourne. Subtle flavours and amazing quality does the job with ease that many cafes struggle with. I mean they smoke their own salmon for gods sake.


Here’s a place that is comfortable in what it is, It doesn’t need any fancy frills and airs and graces, its popular because its food and the people who work there make you want to come back again. And it’s true, once you’ve been once what’s the point in risking somewhere else. You’ll be back, we guarantee it.

This is one of those places that everyone needs to come across, it reminds me of some of the cosy village haunts back home. A proper hidden gem.

Find The Lawson Grove Shop –

1 Lawson Grove, South Yarra VIC 3141

Lawson Grove Shop on Urbanspoon


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