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Tokyo Tina

We have a woman in our village back in England who used to steal all the loo rolls from the local pub and hide them up her skirt. Infamously known around the area as ‘Tina Tina bog roll stealer’.
Ever since if I hear the name Tina I immediately think of that delightful character who’d down pints and fall off her chair and once tried to sexually assault one of the poor barman in the back of his car. He quit soon after.

A completely unrelated story but always good to remember,  but thankfully this trauma has been replaced with a new association, gone is the trauma of that beer breath and curly beard and instead the mouthwatering memories of the incredible Japanese food you find down Chapel Street at Tokyo Tina.

After an intense love affair with Hanoi Hannah over the last few weeks (also well worth a try) it was obvious that when the same people opened a Japanese restaurant round the corner from us a little dinner date was on the cards. If it produced food anywhere near as good as it’s counterpart then it’s going to be special.
And Hanoi Hannah was good. Really really good. I’m going to throw it out there though, I think Tina might have been that bit better.

It’s just a given to assume there will be a wait list for a table, it’s new, it’s by the same guys as HH and Saigon Sally so there’s going to be a buzz off this alone. So the one hour wait for a table worked perfectly for us since we’d scoped out a 4 dollar happy hour next door that had our name all over it.

When we did get the call that our table was ready, I was ready to be satisfied in an evening of kitschy anime decorations and sushi rolls. Stereotypical maybe but I wasn’t wrong with the quirky design. The place is way bigger than Hanoi Hannah but the laid-back style and good vibe is still the same, it’s got the hip hop in the background and the street hawker style.


More importantly, the food is definitely on the same level if not better. Incredible flavours in all the dishes. We shared some Quinoa, spinach rolls and some Endamame popcorn. The sushi rolls and sashimi cone that looks like a little icecream were little bites, won’t satisfy the hunger that much but it’s a good start. Probably swerve the popcorn. It’s a little snack but doesn’t add anything special to the meal.

It’s the mains that you really care about here. We left it up to the guy to decide for us in the hope that they will know what’s best and order us the highlights off the menu. Being a gluten free veggie my possibilities aren’t exactly endless but I settled on the Aubergene, tofu Ramen bowl and it was literally amazing. It was served ramen-less, instead on a bed of Quinoa and this jug of dressing to pour on. So tasty you’d literally drink it if you knew no-one would see.


The flavours were so good. For Jonny the Ash Ramen bowl the guy picked went down almost too well, he didn’t surface from his bowl until he’d inhaled every bit.
Food drunk.

This is a definite must do dinner destination. The new kid on the block has nailed it and for a new place to open with such ease and overnight success is pretty impressive. Considering the quality of the food and the quirky, laid back atmosphere it’s well worth a visit.

This is one Tina you want to spend time with.

Find: Tokyo Tina –
66a Chapel Street, WINDSOR.

Tokyo Tina on Urbanspoon


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