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Melbourne Botanical Gardens

If you’d of suggested going for a walk round some gardens a while back I’d of awkwardly laughed, suggested something much more exciting and not gone. How things change.

Almost every city has a version, and more often than not lets be honest, they’re pretty crap. Someones half heartedly planted a few shrubs, maybe dug out a little pond, thrown in a couple of flowers and bam. Hello Botanical Gardens. However sometimes you stumble across a gem and it changes your opinion.



Melbournes Botanical Gardens are beyond gorgeous. Potentially one of my favourite places to go in the city. Like London and some of the parks there, you walk in, become immersed and suddenly you’re not in a busy city anymore. A little safe haven or paradise.

I love the feeling of this place. You walk in and it’s like you’re just escaping everything for a little while. Nauseating I know but bare with me. Now I like flowers just as much as the next girl, Jonny is a whole other story. First time we went I thought I’d lost him to the place. You’ve never seen someone so keen to check out each plant and was clearly resisting climbing all the trees.

There’s so much to see. The gardens are huge. Gorgeous overflowing areas of all these massive trees, beautiful colourful flowers, hidden jungle walks and my favourite part, the lakes.



Find me something more relaxing than an afternoon here. Grab a blanket, a book and go for a wander. I come here and just sit and read sometimes, away from everything. It’s so calming and obviously not a bad view. Even better, be those people who bring a picnic and spend an evening with a bottle of wine and a cheeseboard lying back on the grass. What could be more ideal? Make it romantic or make it a cute evening with your friends. They even hold an outdoor cinema here in front of the lake with the city as your backdrop. This was my first outdoor cinema and it’s definitely worth the experience. Granted I’m always too far back to hear everything but when you’re there it doesn’t seem to matter. And if you are going to see a film then make sure you do it properly. Every time we go we say we will be those ones who take the duvet and pillows and look so comfortable as we shoot them death stares sharing a backpack as a pillow.


If you haven’t been round the Botanical Gardens yet then shame on you, I promise you all picnics and plants aside it’s just a really nice escape from the city.

Find the gardens here –

Birdwood Avenue, South Yarra VIC 3141

Find out more about the Outdoor cinema here-

Moonlight Cinema


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