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Smashed Avocado

There are two types of people in this world…those who always pay to add guacamole and then those other ones. Which are you? If you’re even considering this predicament then I suggest you stop reading now and go away and have a long talk with yourself. For everyone else this recipe is going to change your mornings (*lunches, dinners, snacks, we aren’t prejudice).

Introducing my new obsession, Smashed Avocado. I stole this idea from the breakfast menu of practically every cafe in Australia, god knows why we’ve never seen it back home. A crime I tell you, this is the stuff brunch dreams are made of. Even more importantly it’s healthy, its fresh and it tastes so unbelievably yummy, I cannot and will not ever find a fault, apart from there can never be enough.

It’s a pretty fool proof recipe, we end up with a different version every time depending on what I can find in the fridge but it’s always essentially the same key players: I challenge you to find a better way to start your morning, plus with all the benefits from the Avocado and all the healthy fats, you’ll be skipping out the door.


What you’ll need: (this does two of us easily)

– 1 avocado
– ¼ red onion
– ¼ cucumber
– basil or coriander (or both if you’re feeling wild)
– sundried tomatoes
– cottage cheese or feta
– lime
– rice cakes or toast

What you’ll need to do:

– thinly cut up the cucumber, red onion and herbs and throw in a bowl
– dice up the sundried tomatoes and add to the mix
– halve your avocado, score the halves and squeeze it all out into the bowl
– add a generous few spoonfulls of the cottage cheese, the more the better in my eyes
– then add salt and pepper and a glug of olive oil
– finally grab a fork and roughly mash the avocado while mixing everything together, you don’t want to make it too smooth, chunks are good and squeeze some fresh lime in there to finish
– then dollop onto your rice cakes or toast and voila. Best breakfast ever.


This is just a basic idea of what to use but you can literally throw anything into the mix and it’s going to be a winner, sometimes we add lots of chilli flakes, or maybe paprika, chunks of feta, olives, capers… You name it its going to work. I challenge you to find a combination that doesn’t taste good.

Breakfast just got a whole lot better. What do you think?


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