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Make a date for Drugstore Espresso

If Drugstore Espresso was a person, putting it simply you’d want to be friends with them.
It’s like that kid who came into school one day wearing his dads bomber jacket and absolutely nailed it. A slick ease we can only dream of, you know the one.

The whole vibe here is cool without the try-hard, from the casual industrial decor, to the 90’s hip hop your boyfriends going to claim he can rap along to and don’t even get me started on the staff. This is the type of cafe you’d want to own or at least have a mate that does so you can excuse spending your days sprawled out front in the sun working through the deli cabinet, coconut in hand. Failing this you can clearly do this anyway. Last week I went three days in a row.

We are hooked. The breakfasts here are unbelievable, we are attempting to slowly work our way through the menu, because it’s instant food envy every time someone elses meal goes past. Every time I go with the intention to order something new but the Berry Beet Acai bowl won’t take no for an answer. This beauty is literally the stuff healthy breakfast dreams are made of. And the Instagram potential is unreal. (promise you to go again and actually get a decent picture of this…)


These guys know how to do a refreshing menu for brunch options, I mean granted yeah there’s still the staple Smashed Avocado but everything’s got it’s own unique twist. One of the breakfast bowls comes out in half a coconut whilst you get to drink the fresh water. I mean come on, I’d order it for that alone.

Their coffee skills aren’t too bad either, but it’s all about the fresh juices here. Unlike a few places I’ve been recently they actually freshly squeeze it there and then for you. Swerve their options and make your own up. Go for orange, pineapple, apple and pear. Yum. Or on second thoughts forget the juice all together because their Bloody Mary has your name all over it. I mean just look at it…


There’s just a great friendly vibe in this place, the staff are dancing around (sometimes clothed, sometimes not) and the moods infectious. You’re so busy relaxing that it doesn’t matter if your juice takes a little while, it’s just not the place you’d even bother to complain at anyway. The staff are too chilled, you just go with the flow and roll with it.

So pretty much you’re just letting yourself and potential brunch dates down until you try here, and you won’t even feel bad after you’ve stuffed your face, because the foods fresh and healthy and tastes so ridiculously good. Definitely order one of the breakfast bowls if you’re on a little healthy kick, or the Sweet Potato Hash was incredible and don’t even get Jonny started on the Duck Tacos. Got to try it to understand apparently.


So overall, fantastic and more importantly amazing, healthy food choices, entertaining staff and a decent cup of coffee. SOLD.

Find them here –

194 Toorak Road
South Yarra
Vic, 3141

Drugstore Espresso on Urbanspoon



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