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A night at Queen Victoria Markets

You could say we are a bit behind the times on getting excited about this one considering that there’s only two Queen Victoria Night Markets left until they’re finished for the season, but the way we see it is there’s even more reason to kick up a big fuss now, because you really want to go to these last two nights. I mean they’re good. Real good.

We have been pretty rubbish with making the effort to get here, I’d like to say it’s just so far to get to from where we live, its not, it couldn’t be easier unless we lived behind one of the food trucks or that we both have been so busy it’s hard to find the time, again probably a dramatic exaggeration of the truth, we are probably usually found tucked up in bed watching Game of Thrones. So it is long long overdue that we came and checked these out, living through everyone else going here and loving it just isn’t quite the same as going yourself.


And lets think about it, there really isn’t much not to love, firstly there’s Sangria. A big old pint of the stuff for only $8. It’s compulsory in our eyes that you make a beeline straight for this stall the moment you arrive. Then you are free to roam amongst the crowds probably at a snail pace due to the amount of people ambling along and doing that really annoying thing of just stopping dead in their tracks. Just keep a steady hand on that Sangria and you’ll be fine, same can’t be said for anyone who gets in your way.

There are so many stalls here, there’s all the usual ones that you’ll find at the normal day markets, the ones with what I’d affectionately describe as having the generic market crap, you’ll have your Ugg boot stall, someone selling a truck full of Boomerangs and then that clothes stall with loads of black tshirts with wolves and flames. But at the Night Market it’s like the cool eclectic stalls have come out to play. There were a lot of decent vintage clothes stalls with some very tempting bargain racks, well worth a browse.
After a mini tantrum I finally managed to drag Jonny away from the record stall with the promise that although he couldn’t buy a Ghostface Killah vinyl demo since we do not own a record player nor are we going to anytime soon but instead there was a Vietnamese pork bun over there with his name on it.


Because this is why you really came to the market, it’s for the food stalls. But Jesus Christ I hope you haven’t eaten anytime in the last eight hours because the scattering of a few food trucks I remember from last time has been replaced by a village of food places and trust me when I say you literally are going to want to get something from most of them and you’ll probably give it your best shot until you cannot eat another thing and then you walk round a corner and find a whole other section with new possibilities just taunting you.

Whatever the mood you’re in, whatever kind of food you’re craving they literally have a stall here to satisfy it. And the atmosphere is infectious, there’s a buzz around the place as everyone queues up at their chosen kitchen, each place is trying to outdo it’s neighbour with their music and there’s just a generally fun vibe.


You have got to try some of the jerk corn on the cob from the Jamaican stall, only $4 and it’s a beast. We shared a somewhat crunchy Pad Thai from the stall next door which I instantly regretted when we found a huge Paella stand hiding from us round the corner. Instead I then spent the next half hour deciding which foods I was going to have next time we go, the list is pretty impressive.



Best thing to do is grab your selection of foods from every country possible and armed with enough to feed an army and your next Sangria go find a space on a table in front of one of the stages and sit back and listen to the blues bands playing away. If you time it well when they take a quick break make a run for it to get pudding. We found this amazing roasted peaches stall out the back with a healthy dollop of clotted cream. Apparently this was a mistake though because Jonny found a strudel stall straight after and I’m sure he was close to tears when he couldn’t bring himself to handle another bite.


We had such a good night here I’m kicking myself that we didn’t make more use of it, but we have two more to go to so we can finish up on all the food we couldn’t handle today. Get a group, lots of Sangria, corn and god knows what else, find a seat next to the band and you’re in for a really decent night. They finish on 25th March, so going off the theory that good things come to those who wait, and they’re saving the best till last and all that jazz then in theory these final two weeks should be pretty decent.


Find them here –

On the corner of Victoria and Elizabeth Street in Melbourne CBD.

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