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Make your own Garlic Oil

Do you know what you can never ever have enough of in a meal? Garlic. Garlic, Garlic, Garlic.

It has got to be the key player in any recipe, the Jay Z of the vegetable world. I’m completely addicted, and I don’t just mean I like a little bit extra, I’m talking 5 cloves more still isn’t enough, it’s a running joke amongst my friends. So in the efforts to maintain this love affair we decided to try and make our own garlic oil, so now everything can be saturated with the stuff at the drop of a hat. It’s like I died and went to garlic heaven (pucker up Jonny?).

We picked up some little glass bottles at the local charity store with the intention to first try garlic oil and then progress to a chilli oil. Right little creative ones aren’t we.

Now apparently it is dangerous to think you can make a garlic oil by literally chopping up raw cloves and adding them to olive oil, ooops, because that is exactly what I was planning to do. But no no, apparently there is a micro-organisim called Clostridium Botulinum that can be present in garlic that if isn’t killed can cause Botulism (a rare paralytic illness).

So erm yeh lets not get that so you have to cook off the garlic first. For once thank god for Jonny and his love of a bit of background research.


What you’ll need:

– garlic bulb
– olive oil
– glass jars

What you’ll need to do:

– crush and peel your garlic cloves
– on a medium heat fry the cloves in a generous amount of olive oil for around 5 mins
– add all of the oil you’re planning to infuse into the pan and lower the heat slightly
– leave this to simmer for around 15 mins until bumbling slightly
– take off the heat and leave to cool
– decant the oil into your jar. We kept some of the garlic cloves in for extra garlickyness (eat the rest)

then voila, finished


Surprisingly simple and now you have your own home made garlic oil. Perfect for salads, drizzling on pizza, pretty much anything. Not going to lie, I’d probably sip this out the bottle if I were left alone too long. Don’t worry, I’m judging myself too.

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