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Great Ocean Roaming

If you find yourself in Australia or more importantly Melbourne way, then there is something you have to make sure you do.

Get a group of mates together, hire a van, pack it full of gin, surfboards and wet wipes and drive the Great Ocean Road.

Stop to take way too many photos of the amazing coastline, walk until you find a waterfall and relax on the gorgeous beaches whilst the lads catch a wave. Make sure you tear yourself away from the coastline and get lost in the incredible forests near Apollo Bay. Forget the Twelve Apostles, this place was the highlight for us.

It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful. It’s very worth it.


IMG_9044IMG_9108 IMG_9054IMG_8792IMG_8811000010IMG_8690IMG_8763IMG_8769IMG_8721IMG_9133IMG_9168


  1. Love your edit to the pictures! Really awesome! Makes me miss Melbourne all over again. My virgin trip to Australia was to Melbourne to visit my Aunt, and I remember it to be inordinately cold during touchdown. However, the atmosphere to it all is just so mind-blowing! Happens to me all the time in new places! Haha! Cheers!

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  2. How gorgeous!!!! Your pictures and the place!
    I’m dyyyying to go to the land down under!


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