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Yep. I went there, with a pun and also for dinner, I’d be pretty disappointed if we missed a chance for that reference don’t you think.
And do you know what it deserves it’s little crowning because these guys know their stuff, they dish out some tasty food over at Kong.


Jonny’s been banging on about going here ever since we first went to Chin Chin and let’s be honest from the sounds of it what’s not to enjoy, a Korean BBQ. Worth a little visit.

So after blitzing every possible vegetable over the last few days and living off a soup free-for-all it was time to get back out and join the dinner scene, and Jesus we did it in style. Safe to say you’d think we were ordering as if we hadn’t seen food in decades. Huge food coma going on over here right now.
But so so worth it. And trust me our expectations were pretty high since this is a relative of Chin Chins after all but thankfully they’re definitely working off the same book, minimalist decor, friendly staff and a menu that’s going to tempt you into trouble.


Get down to this place and order up a storm. It’s the little share plates you need to concentrate on, my favourite part, it’s like getting the best of everything. We “eased” ourselves in with a Peanut Butter tofu bun (made GF for me in a lettuce leaf) I’d go back and just order a plate of these. The chilli mayo sauce…OMG.
Then Jonny had the Korean fried wings, which was like a massacre to watch. Thank god we are past first date etiquette. Then some Nasu Miso – caramelised eggplant, and so god damn tasty and finally a plate of Endamame beans and some BBQ corn for good measure. Just a few little starters…

If you can literally just get every one of these, trust me you won’t be disappointed and we haven’t even started on the mains yet. Jonny apparently not even close to satisfied ordered one of the recommended favourites, the BBQ Black Angus sirloin dish with this creamy mushroom sauce and pickles and kimchi to wrap into lettuce leaves, and I went for the side of Wood Roasted Pumpkin, yeah tasty and I got to see what this smoky, BBQ flavour was all about but I was still pining for more peanut butter tofu.


Not that you’d expect anything for less but Kong definitely knows it’s stuff, put this on your dinner hit list immediately. Hasn’t knocked Chin Chin off it’s perch and isn’t as good value for what you get but it’s giving it a good run for it’s money. As Jonny’s just muttered half asleep “those wings though…”

Find Kong here

599 Church Street,
Melbourne, 3121

Kong BBQ on Urbanspoon


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