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Radio Mexico

For some absurd reason when we went to a Mexican restaurant in Richmond the other week they refused to put cheese on the nachos. Erm sorry what? Nachos without cheese? That’s like Kanye without his ego, its just not comprehendible. When I want nachos, I want a plate that is drowning in cheese and all the trimmings. In fact I want more cheese than chip, so to not serve the two together just doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s craziness I tell you. We should have got up and left there and then.


Thankfully we have a Mexican restaurant that never fails to deliver. (more importantly they don’t bat an eyelid when I stress the levels of cheese I’m after)
Radio Mexico in St Kilda is always a winner, the food here is incredible and even better the price is almost as good as they’re Margheritas.
The menus pretty straightforward, order some chips and dip, and then try and decide between all the tacos. Luckily for me, most things can be done GF and there’s some tasty veggie options. The portions may not look huge but we somehow always end up coming away stuffed. Jonny drools over the Battered fish taco every time so definitely try that.


The vibe here is pretty relaxed, don’t expect crazy things from the service but after your first mouthful you probably won’t really care, after all it’s the food you’re here for and we have no faults there. This is the ideal place to pop in for a laid back meal, order a selection of the tacos, of course some nachos and a Margherita. If that doesn’t float your boat then their Virgin Mary is surprisingly delicious. You know it’s always going to be a good dinner when you come here. Simple, tasty, Perfect.


Find Radio Mexico here –

11-13 Carlisle Street
St Kilda,

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