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Pillar of Salt

I don’t really think Australia does lunch. Brunch yes. Dinner yes. But lunch not so much.
I only realised this when we were trying to think of somewhere to go and I was stuck. I can give you plenty of places for all the Smashed Avocados and Benedict’s you could dream of but for a really good lunch date mmm not so much. In fact I don’t think we’ve really ever done lunch. So obviously that had to change.
Of course laziness and hunger led us straight to a nearby cafe that we have been meaning to try out for brunch. Typical. But it was worth it because Pillar of Salt smashed it and is now our first proper lunch spot.


The café itself has the simple, industrial look that’s everywhere right now, lots of brick walls, quirky lights but it’s the courtyard out the back you want to head straight for. Grab a booth, sit back and order their Virgin Mary whilst you look through the menu. It’s a good way to start.


Of course as expected the menu is very brunchy, there’s literally no escaping it. But there’s a lot to choose from. Jonny went for the Chicken Wings, served with Korean slaw and pickles and a spicy sauce and I had the Californian Super food salad. And it was amazing, there were so many flavours and textures going on, it was so good. Jonny kept neglecting his wings to steal mouthfuls. It was packed full of all the good stuff that instantly makes you feel healthier and I loved how the Goji berries complimented all the flavours going on. Definitely try this one, not your average salad. Apparently the chicken wings were delicious as well with the Asian twist making a welcome change.


So next time someone suggests a Brunch date make it a lunch date and check this place out. Lovely little spot.

Find Pillar of Salt here –

541 Church Street,
Melbourne, 3121

Pillar of Salt on Urbanspoon


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