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Gin Pop-Up Bar in Prison

There’s not much that can beat a good Gin. No, really there’s not much at all, big Gin fans over here. So when we saw a special Gin pop-up bar this weekend I was already half way through booking the tickets, then we saw it was in the old Melbourne Prison and could there be a better Friday night plan?
See the only thing I like more than Gin is a ‘unique’ experience. Strangely in the last week we have been looking into doing a prison tour to be more ‘cultured’ and explore more of Melbourne, beautiful coincidence don’t you think?


It was such a great evening and so different from your average Friday drink in a bar, for starters you walk into a prison…that’s special enough on it’s own. The building itself is so imposing and eery as it gets darker. Pick up a G&T and then you’re free to wander around, up the two stories and in and out of various cells listening to the live jazz band playing away on the first floor ‘scaffolding’. Certain cells had special displays with different stories and events of the prisoners, which we found really interesting. We spent our whole night slowly walking around reading up on the history and events that happened whilst occasionally topping up with a Gin.
Little fact for you that we learnt last night that really surprised me was that the last public hanging was in 1970’s, pretty recent when you think about it. And all this for $40 each, well worth it.

IMG_0093IMG_0097 copy

This was a really fun night and such a unique thing to do, I really urge you to look into the next pop ups scheduled at the Old Gaol. You really won’t regret it, definitely a refreshing spin on the usual prison tour we were planning. A really fascinating, educational yet fun Friday night.


Find The Old Melbourne Gaol here –

377 Russel Street,
Melbourne, 3000

And check out upcoming events here –


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