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50 Foods in 50 Days

‘It’s your last day on Earth, what would you choose for your final meal?’
This question filled up hours of our time when we were slaving away on a farm for three months. Probably not our best idea to start fantasising about all the food and meals we had no chance of having but still. This is apparently the question that prompted CJ Hendrys latest series. 50 foods in 50 days.


After reading inmates accounts of their final days on death row, Hendry had the inspiration for her latest series, using felt tip pens to draw 50 meals on Hermes plates. The contradiction between the beauty and the expense of the plate compared to say the M&M’s or a handful of Doritos. It’s the feel of putting something so common and ordinary on such a classy piece that sets it apart.

IMG_0223IMG_0249 copy

The exhibit itself is almost ridiculously good, it’s hard to comprehend when you have your nose pressed up against the frame exactly how this octopus in front of you was sketched in pen when everything about it screams reality. The simplicity in some of the objects she chose to draw instead convey a complexity you can’t stop looking at, like the avocado, possibly one of my favourite pieces. Is that because of the beauty of juxtaposing such an elegant plate or simply because I love guacamole?

IMG_0250 copyIMG_0228

The skill displayed in these 50 frames is astounding and fascinating to look at. How someone can draw with such realism is unbelievable and will have your faces pressed right up against the glass to observe each objects shading. How does she make a Blackberry look so real? If I were to shade that it would simply be a dark circular blob but for Hendry you are almost fooled into seeing it as a photograph.

CJ Hendry’s 50 Foods in 50 Days runs from March 27 to April 12 at 166 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

If it’s good enough for Kanye…



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