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Being gluten free and vegetarian with more food intolerances that I can shake a celery stick at, lets just say eating out isn’t always a dream. So when you find a restaurant that offers you more than just the one choice on the menu, you hold onto that restaurant and you never let it go. If this sounds like you then let me introduce you to Transformer...


If you’re in Melbourne and you haven’t heard of Vegie Bar then shame on you. Without doubt a veggie dream, the menu is mouth watering with options for GF, vegan, raw, you name it, it’s got it. In fact scrap that, forget it’s a vegetarian aimed establishment, I challenge any meat eater to go and not be satisfied, Jonny get’s ‘dragged’ there willingly, and that’s one guy who loves his meat. But now the genius’ behind VB have opened another restaurant to add to their collection with Transformer.
As soon as you walk in you know somebody knew their stuff. The building itself is gorgeous, exposed brick, high ceilings and trellises thick with plants (Jonny’ dream building) but don’t panic if you’re thinking this sounds like every cafe these days, it’s better. But it was the little touches that did it for me, how each side plate is different like they’d raided the china out of all the Salvos. And then the menu’s…like an old school folder. I loved the vintage vibe here and it wasn’t forced, it’s simple and effective.


Transformer has my favourite style of menu, little sharey plates. I mean who wants to stick to just one choice when you can try a bit of everything. It’s broken into sections so just order a few bits from each in different stages throughout the night. If sadly you’re like me and can’t drink then you must try the Lemon and Ginger tonic. So refreshing and definitely beats getting a coke.


My mouth is watering thinking back about the food and all the flavours. We started off of course with some olives (always) and these two amazing dishes, King Oyster Mushrooms and Grilled Figs with Goats Cheese. I cannot do justice to how good these both were. The mushrooms were Jonny’ favourite, delicious. My favourite dish was the Green Curried Polenta with wild rice and veggies, this was something else. Incredible. My only possible fault is that the dishes just aren’t quite big enough. If you are starved you will have to order a fair feast.


Get yourself down here as soon as possible and work your way through the menu. This is without doubt a must try restaurant, vegetarian or not you will thank us as soon as you sit down.



Find Transformer here –

99 Rose Street,

Transformer Fitzroy on Urbanspoon


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