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Manchester Press

I think we owe Manchester Press an apology, this place has been on our hit list for over a year now yet every time we are deciding on somewhere to go for Brunch it always got overlooked until today we finally ended up giving it a go and we loved it. Shame on us for not trying it out sooner, the guys do a great bagel and I found a new favourite dish.


Do you do what we do and keep a running list of places to try out on your phone? Every time I hear someone talking about a decent meal or see a picture on Instagram that makes my mouth water it goes straight on the list. Can’t risk forgetting and missing out on a good meal right? And Manchester Press has been a solid member of this list for way too long and I don’t really have a good reason for why it took us so long. Blame all those other brunch places for luring us in with all those fancy options and convincing us that a simple bagel wasn’t enough. Wrong. It was the ideal brunch for us after a lazy day wondering out the Arts precinct attempting to be cultured.

More importantly they offered a gluten free bagel for me so I could enjoy the same experience as Jonny or for once close enough. There was a little queue outside, nothing crazy, we have definitely had worse and the fresh juice and coffee more than made up for it when we got our table.


And the main event well this was what it was all really about. I went for the Vegan bagel, roasted aubergine, red peppers and this incredible pesto. I had to cheat a little and get a side of feta to smash on top. And for someone who never gets to enjoy stuff like bagels and bread and usually the imitations aren’t great, this was incredible. Jonny went for the Reuben Rachel, the definition of a classic New York bagel, pastrami, cheese, pickles, sauerkraut. Trust me he was one happy guy after this beauty.


So forget all the posh, popular brunch destinations. Sometimes simple is so much more important. Especially when it’s as tasty as this place. Good coffee. Juices that were actually freshly squeezed and the food…how many times can I go on about how good the bagel was?

Find Manchester Press here –

8 Rankins Lane,
Melbourne 3000

Manchester Press on Urbanspoon


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