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Económico & Exuberante

There is nothing more fun than finding a new bar to enjoy on a Friday night. That is until it starts creeping into winter which is what’s currently happening in Melbourne. As soon as it hits 5pm and gets dark then I have a strong desire to crawl into bed until morning. Anyone else? So if I have to brave the arctic temperatures and the pitch black then it’s got to be for something worth it. Thankfully we found two little places that are worth removing the slipper socks for…

IMG_3713 copy

First up Bar Economico.

Theres only two things we need to say about this is, it’s a rum bar and happy hour is between 6 and 7pm. Job done. I mean what else do you really need to know, except how quickly they can get you a $9 Mojito? This is a cool little bar, reminded me of an old caribbean shack where I’d expect to see old men sat on crates playing dominoes and drinking moonshine style bottles of dark rum. Cliché? Yeh maybe.

My favourite part though was Bar Exuberante. To be honest it was the real reason we’d come. We had visions of a Grand Budapest Hotel esque establishment and it was pretty close. You entered through the managers office of Bar Economico. Nice touch, and come through into a tiny bar, like the Economico’s fancy cousin. The drinks aren’t exactly cheap but this is the type of place you come for the one drink experience not to set up camp for the evening. Worth checking out if not for the Tiki cocktail alone.

bar exub

Find both bars here –

438 Church Street,

Bar Exuberante on Urbanspoon


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