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Lucky Penny

It’s creeping scarily quickly into winter here in Melbourne. Something I never thought we’d have to face after escaping the tropical climates of England, definitely not what we signed up for on the big Aus adventure…
I’ve decided I’m one of those people who has that seasonal mood thing. It gets cold. I get miserable. I’d literally avoid any evening activity if it meant staying in the warmth of my bed. Wild I know.


The other night Jonny dragged me kicking and screaming out of the flat for dinner. I hadn’t been feeling too good and we were both in one of those annoying moods where we couldn’t decide what we fancied or make a decision to save our lives but it was way to cold to walk up and down looking for somewhere, not if Jonny wanted an enjoyable evening anyway. Thankfully Lucky Penny is close enough to endure the frostbite and they opened up last week in the evenings with little share plates and more importantly a cheeseboard.

photo 1 (1) copy

We’ve popped in here a few times at the end of a shopping trip to grab a quick takeaway coffee but never eaten here although the breakfast menu has always tempted me. Still need to try out what they have to offer for brunch but a little dinner date would have to do instead. This isn’t your typical dinner spot, its definitely got much more of a daytime café vibe going on, but if you are after a quick no fuss bite to eat you may be in luck.

IMG_3981 copy

The menu is very simple and you’ll find most of the choice is in the display cabinet, with different cheeseboards and dessert options. We of course got a brie board, and a few little dishes to share. The fried cauliflower dish was so yummy, if I go back it’ll be for that. This place is quick and easy. It’s a laidback simple spot if you’re on your way home on Chapel. Or peckish and don’t want to go anywhere remotely fancy and pretentious. Get a quick drink a few bites and you’ll be in and out in no time. This is the simple step up from Lunch you’ve been looking for.

Find Lucky Penny here –

481 Chapel Street,
South Yarra

Lucky Penny on Urbanspoon


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