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Gluten Free Banana Cake

When you are stuck on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Australia you have a lot of time to fill and a lot less options available to you. Those three months aged me in ways I will never forget but one good thing came out of it, I have perfected my banana bread skills down to a tasty T.


This is the easiest recipe to make and I want to throw it out there that compared to most this one is relatively healthy with a few sneaky additions and changes. Give it a go this weekend, so simple. The hard parts not eating it all in one go and I commend anyone with the willpower to resist.

What you need:

– 3 bananas
– 3 tablespoons of melted coconut oil
– 1 egg
– 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds
– 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
– Dash of vanilla extract
– 140g gluten free flour
– 140g brown sugar
– 3 teapoons bicarbonate soda


What you’ll need to do:

– Heat the oven to 180c
– Mash the bananas up in a bowl
– Combine all the other ingredients except the flour in a bowl and mix thoroughly together
– Add the flour and make sure it’s all mixed in
– Transfer the mixture into a well greased baking tin and put in the oven for 30minutes
– When it’s cooked. Leave to cool.
– And then enjoy

You can alter this recipe with certain ingredients. We made one the other week with ground nuts and ginger. Have a play around and see what combinations your favourite. I keep meaning to try a Banana and Blueberry version next.




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  2. I just made this after looking for a healthy breakfast option, I added raisins and used homemade oat flour and it was so good 🙂 thanks for this, I also lowered the suger and subbed with some coconut and turned out great


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