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Mornington Peninsula

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own little bubble we get too comfortable and forget that there is so much out there we haven’t yet experienced or tried. I think this is exactly what has happened to us recently, I don’t want to say ‘we are stuck in a rut’ because that sounds so depressing and Melbourne is definitely not a rut. I love it, I just think I forget that there’s so much more to be seen than just what’s directly in my comfort zone.
So on Sunday we decided to actually do something about this and took a little road trip down to the Mornington Peninsula. It may only be less than an hour from the city but sometimes that’s all it takes. That and views like this…


Mornington is full of rolling green hills, a winery every mile, gorgeous coastlines and the guarantee you’ll see at least 5 wild kangaroos on your trip. Pretty perfect, especially on a Sunday. Drive down, fuel up with breakfast and a coffee in a local café and get walking. Get exploring.

When the suns shining and you have nowhere particular to be then nothing could be more perfect really. We just ambled aimlessly around in the sun, but I have it on good authority (from Jonny) that it’s not a bad place for surfing. It’s where he usually spends his Sunday, only difference today was that he spent it on land.

IMG_0922 IMG_0999

The only thing you must make sure you do if you’re this way is pop into any of the little fruit and veg places. You can’t avoid them. Every mile or so there’s a little home made sign pointing you in the right direction. Or even better a little pop up veg stall where you can pull up and pick your favourite.

We killed some time in this cute little farm shop, arming ourselves with way too much veg for just two people and excitedly discussing various different recipe ideas. The first time all day I was excited to leave and that was only too get home and start cooking, first up was going to be roasted Cauliflower Soup, but that’s a whole other post.

IMG_1055 copy


If you are in Melbourne then promise me you’ll make sure to get out every so often. Take a drive. Go for a walk. Explore and remind yourself what else is out there.

IMG_1070 IMG_1072

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