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Feast of Merit

As much as I love brunch and trust me I really do, it does get a little bit samey. I mean lets be honest, you’re guaranteed the same breakfast favourites in some shape and form no matter where you go. And that industrial look and vibe is becoming so over used it’s almost losing it’s value and that’s a shame because when a cafe does it right it’s golden.


However our little breakfast outing this weekend to Feast of Merit was a refreshing change. For starters it offers a Middle Eastern inspired twist on breakfast. Intriguing right.
And we loved the decor, lots of distressed wood, plants, window seats and big windows flooding the place with light. And it didn’t look overdone. Keep talking…


Unusually for a Sunday around 9ish it was eerily empty. Embarrassingly we were the first and only ones there but no need to worry they all started trickling in soon after we received our coffees and Virgin Mary’s. It’s become a breakfast staple. I enjoyed my soy latte so much I ordered another to take away at the end. Jonnys verdict “yeh, pretty good” From him that’s high praise indeed.

IMG_4364 IMG_4338

Even more importantly the food was so worth it. The Autumn Harvest dish I went for was ideal, surprisingly light considering roasted veg is my usual dinner go to, but these carrots were soft and juicy and so full of flavour and the avocado and egg made it an appropriate breakfast dish. Best part was undoubtedly the cauliflower, crispy and so tasty. If you make it here for Brunch you can’t not order this.


For Jonny it was all about the Smoked Ocean Trout, not quite the ideal breakfast dish for me but it kept him quieter and content for a bit.


So if you’re looking for a tasty brunch option where Smashed Avocado doesn’t feature on the menu (not that I dislike this in anyway, it is still my favourite, but still) anyway try Feast of Merit. Tasty, relaxed and worth a visit.


Find Feast of Merit here –

117 Swan Street,

Feast of Merit on Urbanspoon


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