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Dandenong Ranges

There’s something refreshing about driving out of a city, away from the high buildings, the chaos and towards the country, like a sense of calm. This is exactly what we did on Sunday, escaped Melbourne and headed towards the Dandenong Ranges.

Before you could even whisper the word hike we got distracted. No surprise there. But can you blame us, look what we found in the forest…


How surreal is this? Wild parrots and lots of them. It may have had something to do with the family armed with a bag of bird feed but let’s not spoil the story. That would be all down to Jonny and I slinking creepily close to the poor people until we managed to trick some naïve birds that we had food too. Queue our best Ace Ventura impressions.

IMG_1179 copy


So sadly Jonny managed to finally drag me away, apparently trees are more exciting than wildlife. Your call? But we did go for a long hike through the forest trying to find the waterfall. Let’s just say what we ended up at was more a trickle, but take what you can. It definitely made for a refreshing change, I love going for a long walk, for starters it’s good exercise and yet it doesn’t seem like hard work when are surrounded by things to see…

IMG_1167 copy


If a hikes not quite your thing so early on a Sunday morning and you’re after something slightly more chilled then check out the Memorial Gardens down the road. More of a relaxing option I’d say. I want to own a house with a little run down lake house, maybe one day.

IMG_1232 copy

IMG_1236 copy

This is only scratching the surface on the Dandenong Ranges, there is so much more to see, but it more than did the job for our little day trip. Always enjoy a day when it’s spent outside. Maybe next time.


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