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Citrus & Coconut Smoothie

Lets talk about Smoothies. (I mean everyone else seems to be at the minute)

Making a smoothie is the quickest and easiest way to get some of your important 5 a day and rev up your metabolism first thing in the morning. It should be simple and nutritious, so why, why, why is everyone is trying so hard to complicate them. Don’t. It shouldn’t be.


We have all become guilty of overlooking the importance of our everyday fruits in favour of some exotic sounding superfood from the depths of the Amazon that none of us can even pronounce, so let’s just stop for a minute and take it back to basics. You get so many of the same qualities in all the simpler fruits as you do the superfruits, we just need to remind ourselves, just because it’s a “boring” fruit doesn’t make it bad.


Jonny and I try to get up early most morning for a jog before an hour of hot yoga and then by the time we get home we are in desperate need of some sort of boost (*reward) but I struggle eating a big breakfast early on and especially after exercising you want something healthy and nutritious which is where making a smoothie is the perfect solution. It makes for the ideal after exercise reward, if I start my day right I always find I’m less likely to eat bad and generally feel bad about myself. Anyone else?


This recipe is my skin and health hero and it’s something a little different than your usual combos,  it’s packed full of anti oxidants, I mean literally overflowing with them. If you’re struggling with your stomach, feel a bit bloated and run down then please try this. If I have been ill this is my go to for making sure I’m keeping my body hydrated and topped up with all those key vitamins when I can’t stomach a full on meal.


Did you know that lemons and coconut water share several of the same amazing benefits, both help digestion, clear and nourish skin and aid in weight loss, whilst oranges and grapefruit are full of anti oxidants and vitamins. By adding in coconut water this is one of the quickest ways to hydrate your body and replace essential electrolytes lost after exercise (in our case – hot yoga). Basically this smoothie has one hell of a powerfully healthy combination.


Citrus & Coconut Smoothie

What you’ll need –

– squeeze the juice of a lemon
– squeeze half a lime
– squeeze out the juice of a pink grapefruit
– peel and chop a couple of mandarins (or whatever orange you want)
– a few dollops of coconut yoghurt
– half an avocado
– a few glugs of coconut water

then blend together and enjoy.


What do you think? How refreshing and tasty is this and knowing how good it is for you just makes it taste that bit better. Next try our Banana, Blueberry & Avocado Smoothie, simple but so effective.


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