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Day trips from Kuta, Lombok.

It’s always hard when you arrive somewhere new to know where’s worth dedicating a valuable day too but I think these places definitely count as ones to add to the Lombok (Kuta area) activity list.

– Mawi Beach


Mawi is a gorgeous beach to visit, a 40 minute scooter ride from Kuta and worth remembering for a day trip. The journey itself is definitely half the package, the road to get to the beach winds in and out of the hills and is some of the beautifulest scenery we have seen so far. Hop on your scooter and slowly make your way there for a chilled afternoon at the beach.

What used to be a little insider secret is definitely slowly reaching the ears of tourism, the 10,000IRP entrance fee reminds you of that, but I guarantee you are still looking at plenty of privacy. We were among maybe 20 others if that and no one came to hassle us to buy a coconut or for a picture once. Just Jonny pestering for more sun cream on his back.

IMG_1777 copy

There’s also a tiny local stall right on the beach for cold drinks and local food all at surprisingly reasonable prices, so no panic if you’ve arrived and didn’t pack any supplies, you’re pretty isolated now, especially after a pretty long track down to the beach itself, and don’t get tempted by the café on the corner before you turn off the main road, let’s just say save yourself the bother.

This is the place to relax for the afternoon, if you have the energy go explore the bay over the rocks, it’s even more private plus there’s a few little hikes you could do, if you’re bored of paddling and checking out the rock pools that is.

Some other beaches worth visiting are:

Tanjung Aan Beach


This is a gooden, just outside Kuta, but I should warn you locals arrive by the truck load so perhaps not the choice if you’re after peace and quiet.

Mawun beach


This beach is a few minutes before Mawi and worth a visit, a little busier than it’s neighbour so be prepared for a few local children hassling you with pineapples.

Just remember whatever the beach you are looking at a 10,000IDR charge to enter now. Let’s just say the locals have coined on pretty quickly to the old tourism tricks and are definitely maximising on it where they can. So make sure you have change.


But half the adventure and the beauty is in the journey to get to these places, you are going to be passing through some spectacular scenery on your travels. Gorgeous green rolling fields as far as the eye can see. Rugged mountains or hilly terrain dominating the skyline and local villages with their excited children waving as you speed by. This was one of my favourite parts of any day trip, always been a sucker for a good journey. Plus when it’s as hot as it has been that cool breeze on the back of the bike is a lifesaver. Enjoy.


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