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The Secret Gili Islands

We’ve all heard about the famous Gili Islands, Indonesias answer to paradise, or at least they definitely used to be. Now a mecca for tourists that are one step away from being the latest Koh Phangan. So how about we let you in on a little secret that is going to restore your faith in that Indonesian island dream we all crave.


This collection of 13 or so small islands scattered around Sekotong on the South west of Lombok are affectionately named the Secret Gilis. When we first asked about visiting here we were told there was nothing to see, well that’s a lie. These islands are well worth a visit, maybe locals just want them to keep them secret that little while longer.

Unlike their famous counterparts these islands are largely uninhabited and have yet to be discovered by most travellers, in fact Gili Nanggu is the only one to offer accommodation, so far. Granted it may not be the height of luxury but the view in the morning is a guaranteed plus. But to be honest I’d stick to the day trip visit, you can charter a boat for the day for around 300,000IDR.


Nanggu was our first destination for the day, and the best place the boys found for snorkelling, so make sure to pack your mask. Don’t set up base on the beach where you anchor, o no, take a walk to the right around the corner and you will be greeted with untouched white sands and your own private stretch. We happily killed a good few hours here lazing in the sun, or the sea in the boys case.
Make sure before you leave to take a walk around the whole island, be prepared for a little climb around the far side over the rocks but you’ll welcome the breeze and ocean spray if it’s as hot as it was for us, this is your Robinson Crusoe que.


Don’t be tempted to lunch on Nanggu. Trust us we have something a lot better in store for you. Sail over to Gili Sudat and plonk yourself down on one of the tables right on the beach. This was our favourite part of the day, anthing that revolves around food usually is with us. We watched as a fisherman got out his boat swinging two fish in his arms, the boys chose their favourite and that was that, it was grilled up for them right there on the beach…you cannot get much fresher than that. And since both haven’t shut up about how good it was, I’ll take it as two very happy customers. No fuss. No frills. Just pure, fresh cooking at its best. It’s things like this that make a day and add to the whole experience. Simple pleasures.

IMG_2244 IMG_2261

Finally to top everything off we landed on what I can only describe as our own little paradise island, Gili Bedis, pristine white sand and turquoise waters. You could walk the length of the whole island in a few strides and after half an hour the two other visitors left and we had the place to ourselves for the afternoon, not a single soul to bother you. Perfect. I mean I could think of worse places to relax and read a book. Couldn’t you?


If you are planning on heading to Indonesia then a day trip to the Secret Gilis needs to be on your bucket list. The calm serenity of visiting a place so untouched and altered by tourism is a breath of fresh air and the natural beauty of the islands is remarkable.


So if you’re after something real then here is a collection of different uncharted territories just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Go…


  1. Chelsea says

    I’m interested in chartering a boat for the day like this. To visit Nanggu or the other southwest Gilis, would you recommend staying in Sekotong? Or could/should this be done as a daytrip? We plan on spending some time in both Kuta and Senggigi while there.

    Just stumbled on to your blog today. Great information, thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Chelsea,
      Yeah stay a night in Sekotong otherwise it would be a bit of a long day trip from Kuta. Theres a few places to stay along the road that follows the coast. It’s pretty quiet over this side of Lombok but real amazing piece of coastline. Enjoy!


  2. Hi 🙂 First of all, I love you posts the are so helpful while planning my trip to Lombok! And second, is it so easy to charter a boat, I always thought you need a “driver” …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Anne – we’re having big holiday blues looking through these pics. Yes so easy – I think a lot of the time it’s made out to be harder so you get conned into paying more for a tour you really don’t need. When are you going? It was one of my fave places.


  3. This sounds great. Is it also possible to do it from Lembar? Would you recommend to stay two nights or is it possible to reach Kuta /Lombok after the boat trip?


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