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Arriving on Gili Air

We have been away for more than three weeks now, crazy how quickly time flies from a sun lounger, but something’s been niggling at me, something’s been missing, it was only when we staggered off the local boat weighed down with bags and preconceptions and beached ourselves onto Gili Air that it all seemed to slot into place.


You see going to the Gili Islands has been something I have planned and looked forward to for years, it had become ‘that’ place for me to visit, everyone has one, which absolutely terrified me because that can only mean one thing, disappointment surely? When you put somewhere on a pedestal you’re asking for failure, but as I type this we’ve just returned to our bungalow after a little stroll along the beach to catch the sunrise and everything seems pretty ideal right now to me. 


Jonny will say that I’m a pessimist, and yeh he’s right, although I try to argue I prefer the term realist but anyway I have been perfecting my Gili Air fantasy since we were meant to go last year, my days would blur into fresh coconuts, BBQs on the beach and riding my little bike around the village to yoga. So of course I was convinced that this clearly wouldn’t be the case and since everyone moans about how tourism has turned the Gilis into Indonesias Koh Phangnan I was expecting tackiness left right and centre. Could not be happier to say I was wrong, at least so far anyway, it has been nothing but laid back strolls around in the search of food and fresh coconuts. Who’s the cliche now aye?

IMG_2578IMG_2555 IMG_2588

So, so far so good, first impressions are a refreshing relief so maybe all our assumptions about this place were wrong, it’s been the right balance that I was craving, just enough tourist influence without ruining the calm vibe, ignoring the full English option at Breakfast the tackiness so far has been minimal. Don’t get me wrong like anywhere this place is what you make it, you want calm it can cater, you want a party then there’s enough places and bars to assist. I’m sure we will have more interesting adventures to report when Jonny can drag me away from the welcomed laziness of my sunlounger but until then I plan on doing very little and eating a lot.


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