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Snorkelling on Gili Meno

“Gimme some fin dude”
My Finding Nemo quote was totally lost on Jonny, the surfer turtle? The boys were on a turtle finding mission, they’d rented snorkels for 2 days straight on Gili Air and seemed to be the only people on the island yet to spot one, I was starting to worry for the next person who mentioned they’d seen some.


Everyone said that snorkelling around the Gili Islands was beautiful, you were guaranteed to see all sorts of weird and wonderful fish but more importantly turtles were as common as a Kanye speech hijack at an awards ceremony. Unfortunately for Jonny Gili Air just wasn’t coming through with the goods so it called for a day trip over to Gili Meno to test their waters. If all else failed it had a turtle sanctuary on the island as a last ditch consolation prize.


Thankfully this stop off was rendered unnecessary two minutes after donning the sexy snorkels and swimming around off the aptly named Turtle Heaven Beach and meeting this fella… (I’d be slightly put out if I did visit this place and go home unsuccessful)

DSCF3245 DSCF3265

If you visit the Gili Islands renting a snorkel has to be a key rule for the trip. Don’t get fooled into going on one of the boat trips you’re going to get pestered with every time you walk down the street. Apparently the only way you’ll be able to swim with the turtles. Trust us, it’s not, just rent a snorkel and go for a swim. Simple.




  1. Oh gosh, can’t wait to go there (October, yea!) Those baby sea turtles had me say ‘ahhhhhhh so cute’ out loud in the train, oops. =D
    Great post!


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