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Uluwatu, Bali

When people heard we were heading to Bali it usually guaranteed the same old speech: “avoid Kuta like the plague, spend a week in Ubud, and OMG Uluwatu is amazing”
And so far we agreed with most of their points, Kuta had been bypassed quicker than a street food stall in Delhi and we had just explored the hippy out of Ubud for the last few days, so it was just Uluwatu left to rate. All I knew was I needed to see the temple on the cliff and spend a Sunday at Single Fin Beach Club watching the sunset with a mojito. Well consider them ticked.


To be honest we timed this visit solely to coincide with the infamous Sunday party at Single Fin, don’t judge us, by “party” we mean perch on a chair for 5 hours to watch the sunset then people watching as the night went on, maybe with a Mojito or two. But you can see why this place is as popular as it is, I mean that view for starters is reason enough. Perfect location to laze away hours just staring out to sea and watching all the surfers below (they also do the best coffee I’ve had in weeks, whilst the boy abandons you early in the morning to surf grab a Latte from Revolver espresso). And then I suppose that sunsets not the worst thing to witness. Yeah it’s pretty pricey but it’s worth it for the overall experience, just be warned this place gets busy, we arrived around 4pm and had to navigate through the poor girls who didn’t realise they were in Bali and not on a night out in Liverpool. Nothing says cool more than a full face of make up sliding down a girls jaw.


Cocktails and awful Avici/Bob Marley remixes aside Uluwatu has some gorgeous places to visit. If it’s a beach day you’re after then definitely check out Padang Padang beach, if that’s a bit too sweaty for you then hop on your bike and ride on over towards Uluwatu Temple.

IMG_3682 copyIMG_3640IMG_3662 copy

Okay so the temple itself didn’t exactly ‘move us’ it’s nice alright, but describing something as nice says it all doesn’t it? Our highlight was something we stumbled upon by accident, courtesy of a side road Jonny led us down and a very painful walk through a thorn field (must remember to pack shoes). We emerged on the cliff top with the most ridiculous and terrifying view I have seen, absolutely beautiful and a much better viewpoint of the temple itself than any of the tourist traps. Just don’t get to close, one big gust and you’re a gonner.


Verdict on Uluwatu is pretty positive, it’s very relaxed and not too touristy which as you know we aren’t too keen on, just the right dose of western with enough Nasi Goreng to keep the boys sane. I was surprised how quiet it was, everything and everyone is so spread out unlike the bustle of most places we have been, so rent a bike and see where the road takes you, guaranteed its going to end some where pretty.




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