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Seminyak, Bali

O Seminyak, where do we start with you aye?
I think we knew what to expect before we even arrived, our opinion had pretty much been made, yes unfair I know but to be honest we were spot on so there. Seminyak is the definitition of your coupley-two week-package holiday destination. You’ve worked hard, you have 14 precious days holiday, you want to travel but no time, you want luxury, you want to relax, you want to be able to say you did Bali, just without the backpack, well Seminyak apparently is the answer.


It’s deemed as the ‘luxury’ area of Bali… the strip of resorts each bigger than the terminal at the airport was the first clue, the security guards manning the pools were the next. How’s a girl meant to slip in for a quick dip if Hulk Hogans blocking the route for us peasants?
We took a little scooter ride from our temporary base in Canggu to visit here for the day, to tick it off more than anything, I mean it was near by so might as well and to be fair the beach was pretty but you could definitely notice a difference in this area, much more geared towards tourists and all those delightful holiday clichés, anyone need a sarong? Bracelet? Kite? nope? 


I was having one of those ‘I’m over sitting on the beach’ days? Does anyone else get a bit bored? (Ask me this in two weeks time and I’ll definitely deny ever saying this) Not that I had any desire to actually do anything else but I just didn’t want to sit down and get sweaty and repeat ‘no thank you’ every 2 minutes to the beach sellers. God I must have been a dream today, sorry Jonny. So instead we went for a long stroll up and down Seminyak beach before we decided to go and check out the infamous Potato Head Beach Club, I’d bookmarked this place months ago to visit, it’s on every blog, every travel site but I can’t understand why? Yeah okay it’s nice, I’m sure it’s the perfect destination if you want to spend your day on one of their “luxury” day beds that apparently are like gold dust judging by the waiting list and the irate bikini vips’ astounded that they weren’t instantly carried over to a special area that was empty just awaiting their arrival. I mean jesus really? Step two seconds to the left, plop your towel down by the beach and knock yourselves out. This place in my eyes just screamed pretentious, it was busy because of the name, not the place itself, not the pool full of kids and pee, not the food, just because someone once said this was the place to go and everyone obviously had to visit. The trap we completely fell into. The best bit was the actual building itself.


Next up lunch, if anything this would be where we fall in love, you know we love our food and finding a great lunch spot, so of course we’d done our research and spent what felt like an hour dodging traffic and impending death by moped to find this little café that promised amazing fresh food, modern twists and all that jazz but my mum always told me ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say…’ We all know the drill. All I will say is when I read Roasted Cauliflower and Walnut Salad, I foolishly thought this would include at least 1 other ingredient. Silly me.

IMG_3735 copy

The saving grace I think would have been the sunset bars we discovered further along the beach, away from the resorts and ‘scene’, La Plancha was a little Mexican beach shack we’d found for watching the sun set on a bean bag with a cocktail, it was bright, colourful and had a fun atmosphere, but to be honest the damage was done and we left before the sun even had a chance to start falling, we weren’t feeling it, I was grumpy, if we had more money and weren’t in the budget-travelling mindset then I’m sure it would have been a whole different story, but sadly it wasn’t.




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