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Little Big Sugar Salt

7 weeks away from our self challenged Melbourne Brunch mission simply means we have 7 weeks of breakfasts to make up for and after almost 2months of suspicious omelettes and banana pancakes I think a Smashed Avo is more than deserved. A quick Instagram stalk later and Sunday morning a tired and hangry Jonny was being dragged up Chapel Street to Little Big Sugar Salt.

IMG_2255 copy

The night before the girls and I had one of our dinner dates, the first since I’d returned and somehow that one drink we all promised shockingly somehow turned into a few bottles, being the last table in the restaurant and finally being asked to leave. Ooops. And I don’t drink, one drink hits me the equivalent of a full on bender and I had TWO glasses…so lets just say when we arrived at LBSS and had a not unexpected 15 minute wait there was no way I was loitering anywhere without a large coffee firmly glued to my hand, don’t quite agree with my latte on this one though, safe to say I looked more haggard than hot…


This place is simple, no pompous signage and elaborate interior design here, you could easily walk by and not realise what you’d even missed, it’s laid back and basic but not in a ‘basic-industrial I actually cost millions of dollars’ kind of way and still haven’t nailed it. It’s not trying too hard to be all quirky, instead it’s effortlessly laid back, my favourite type of place to shelter in on a Sunday. I think all the design energy went into the menu. The quirky little details make all the difference, they had dishes named like: Chimmy Fowlon, Kevin Bacon, I mean come on that’s not bad.


Another thing that wasn’t bad was the food itself, one Bowl of Health and a Breakfast for Juan plus a sharing side of halloumi that wasn’t going to be shared in the slightest, Jonny knows not to try that. My brekkie was tasty and fresh, a pretty decent beast of a meal if you count in the generous portion of halloumi as well, They are lucky it tasted so good, it made up for the fact they charged me for my Aioli. I hate hate hate when places do that.


Definitely up near the top of our Brunch places, in fact I’m pretty sure Jonny said it might even have been his latest favourite. Check this place out if you want a laid back brunch date with really decent food, friendly casual service and a generally relaxed atmosphere, so grab a seat up at the communal table and try and stop your boyfriend rapping along to the hip hop in the background as he waits for his food. I tried and failed.

IMG_5718 copy

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