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Kale, Mushroom & Chickpea Soup

So this week has been the first week of Spring, one step closer to summer thank god, but I think someone forgot to let Melbourne know. It’s rained non stop and when it’s not been raining it’s been sulking about it, big miserable grey clouds, meaning there has literally been nothing else to do but hibernate under a blanket with a big bowl of soup, and not just any old soup… o no. It’s been a taste sensation of different recipes going down in our kitchen, but hands down the favourite so far has to be our Kale, Mushroom and Chickpea soup.


If you are after a healthy tasty recipe, and I mean who isn’t? Then this is your man. Packed full of flavour and using the king the vegetable world right now, Kale, who’s not only low in calories but full of vitamins and essential nutrients like potassium and protein, this is the perfect dinner for when you need to cancel all your plans and just relax in front of the TV.


Every time we make a soup, I’m still surprised how quick and simple it is, so why do so many of us still prefer to spend more money on a ready made one when you could whip this up in under half an hour? I mean come on, it’s tastier, cheaper, and healthier and you can make as much of it as you want.


What you’ll need –

– x1 brown onion
– 100g baby king brown mushroom (any flavoursome mushroom will do, we were just feeling fancy)
– x2 bunches of kale
– x1 can of chopped tomato
– x1 can of chickpeas
– x4 garlic cloves
– 1.5l of vegetable stock
– x2 bay leaves
– fresh or dried herbs to season
– optional/essential- Parmesan for topping


What you’ll need to do –

– Slice your mushrooms length ways and fry in a saucepan until coloured
– Whilst these are frying away chop up your onion in half moons and thinly dice your garlic.
– You want to roughly tear the leaves off your stems of the kale and chop up into sizeable chunks
– Add your onion and garlic into the pan with the mushrooms and fry until golden
– Then add your can of chopped tomatoes, stock and bay leaves, season and leave to simmer on a low heat for 15 minutes
– Finally add in your kale and chickpeas and again leave to cook for around 15 minutes
– Season and serve


Have we convinced you yet? Healthy and tasty…my favourite combination. Plus the broth type base means it’s lighter than the normal thicker soups so it would be perfect for lunch or dinner.
Sometimes there really is nothing more satisfying than a good old warming bowl of soup. Enjoy.


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