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Lately (In July & August)

What’s that saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’?


Couldn’t agree more especially when they come courtesy of Jonny, he got embarrased when he saw I wrote this but I don’t care, the guys really good. So if you’re sat here with a cuppa watching endless youtube videos then hit pause and check out some of his latest work on his personal website ‘None-Other’ here.
Here’s a little look at some of his recent photographs…

IMG_1916IMG_2114 IMG_2411

But wait, just before you go and do that here’s a little recap on some of the stuff we have been up to since we got back from Indonesia if you’re interested, and yeah so most of it’s food related but since that’s pretty much what we do with the majority of our time then what can you do.
Do you recognise any of these places in Melbourne? 

IMG_5864IMG_5750 copyIMG_5915IMG_5912IMG_5907IMG_6070IMG_5942IMG_5967IMG_5953IMG_5959



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