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New York

Almost two weeks ago after nearly 30 hours of flying, 3 airports, too many time zones to try and get my sleepy-head around and an incident leading to almost being detained in Germany, I finally made it to New York. (All thanks to Hans my little German knight in shining armour getting me into the country but that’s a whole other story.)

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Back to the Big Apple, even now 14 days in and it still doesn’t seem real that I’m here, there’s a different energy and feeling here than other places. I walk through Times Square daily, dodging past middle aged Mickey Mouse and his crew of street performers, past the naked painted “ladies” and still I am looking up and pinching myself. Lunch in Central Park? A stroll past the Empire State, walking down by the Hudson? You’d think all this would confirm that I’m actually here but no no no, still as surreal as the first day. I’m floating around in this New York fantasy bubble. Anyone care to enlighten me when this wears off and reality hits?



The first thing I had to do was be as big a tourist as humanly possible, if Helen had let me wear it I would have brought an I Heart NY tshirt and not taken it off all weekend, don’t judge me. There’s a list of tourist stuff that had to be ticked off before I could even start to think about the sensible stuff, like where does the best Brunch. Let’s call it my New York initiation list:

– Statue of Liberty
– Empire State
– Walk the highline
– Broadway show
– Times Square
– Central Park


Figured this was the perfect way to ‘ease’ ourselves into the first weekend. I wanted as touristy and as cliche as you could possibly get, I mean that’s half the fun right? And I think we did a pretty good job.

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Call me naive but I was honestly not prepared for how large New York is. I think Melbourne would fit into one of the boroughs quite comfortably. Like seriously this place is huge, and since my favourite way to explore a new place (and the best way) is to just walk around and see what you find well let’s just say I’ve walked a marathon these last few weeks, I’m well on the way to calves of steel at this rate.


So I’ve set myself a daily challenge. A new neighbourhood every day. Just walk there, walk around, fall more in love with iced coffees (potentially my favorite thing about New York so far) find a new lunch spot, or a park to take my salad and sit in and watch the world go by. But why do I have the feeling that you could be here for 6months and not even scratch the surface? There is so much to see and do, every road leads to something different and beautiful.

photo 1 copy

Sounds pretty ideal so far doesn’t it? Fully embracing my inner Blair Waldorf/Carrie Bradshaw and throwing myself into this New York adventure.
Anyone got any tips? Favorite things to do in New York? Ideally restaurants that I can’t miss out on.


  1. Maria says

    Don’t be afraid of visiting the boroughs! For example, Brooklyn has so much culture and amazing places to stop and eat at. My recommendation is to at least visit L&B Spumoni Gardens for a Sicilian slice. :o)

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