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New York- Bear Mountains

Since my first weekend in New York was a touristy and as cliche as you could possibly get, to even out the balance we had to do something different this week and escape the city for an adventure to Bear Mountains. Who needs Times Square when you have a car, friends, enough iced-lattes to rival Starbucks and a road-trip soundtrack.

photo 4

Granted it took us almost two hours to actually get out of Manhattan but least there’s something always happening right outside the window that kept us occupied – like taking our own private bus tour, plus we all know car journeys make for the best place to catch up on all the gossip.

 photo 9

No matter how much I enjoy the city life I am still a country girl at heart, you don’t spend half your life in a tiny village to then lose that feeling of contentment when you can’t hear a car, or see an angry cyclist in sight and it’s just peaceful. Cheesy? Yeah maybe, am I ashamed? Nope. Not at all. Everyone should make the effort to take a break and escape that city bubble, where ever you might be, go for a walk. Even if it’s just for half hour – find a park and just breathe because the changing scenery and that peace as we made our way out of the city along the Hudson river and into the country side was beautiful, the difference between crawling down Madison Avenue and feeling your ears pop as you drive higher up the mountain makes it all worth while.

photo 13

We drove to Bear Mountain National Park, see even the name sounds good, one minute you’re trying to weave past the middle aged Mickey Mouse in Times Square then next you’re looking out across a mountain or into the depths of the forest. Beautiful.

photo 14

Put this on your to-do list if you’re after a day trip out of the city, especially now it’s Autumn – fall couldn’t be more beautiful in New York, yet another reason to fall in love with this place.

Photo credit: The lovely Chelsey Kent 



  1. Well done! It’s too easy to forget about what is beyond the city. I had a tough time convincing someone that there is more to New York than shopping, although the city is possibly the coolest place on the planet to shop.


  2. I guess it’s perfectly normal and even necessary for people living in the city to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while 🙂 And mountains are the perfect option – clean air, amazing views and this great silence – what more could we ask for? 😉

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  3. I always thought of New York as a place with countless skyscrapers, crowded streets and luxury cars but this is a total different face of it. And I am loving it. Simply Beautiful 🙂

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