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Trapeze School in New York

My biggest challenge in the morning is how quickly I can get coffee, it does not normally include being strapped into a harness and swinging through the air in Manhattan, but after a morning at Trapeze School New York safe to say I’ve been starting the day completely wrong.
This has to be one of the funnest mornings I have had in a long time, now all I need is someone to appreciate my Sex and the City reference because yesterday that bombed almost as quickly as I slipped off the trapeze. Please tell me someone’s seen the episode where Carrie tries this? Anyone?


I mean seriously just look at these photographs, how random is this? I challenge you to find a more unique activity in Manhattan. And what’s better, literally anyone can have a go, you could be the least flexible person around and just swing back and forth a few times, it’s about enjoying the experience and just having fun. There’s no pressure and you’ll feel right at ease with the lovely staff, which always helps when I propel myself face first into the safety net.


And don’t tell me when you were younger you didn’t want to run off and join the circus? Well hello here’s your first step towards that fantasy. Next stop Cirque du Soleil.
So if you are in New York and after something completely unique I think its safe to say this will tick all the boxes. And if you still need more of a reason to book a class then look at this as essential exercise because this is an upper body / core workout if ever I’ve seen one, so really you’re doing this for the benefit of your own health plus that rush when you actually pull off a trick is a pretty great feeling. Can I put this on my CV?


And to think my Dad told me off for not having an accomplished career…

Find TSNY here:
Pier 40
353 West Street, NY



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