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24hours in NYC: Food itinerary

24 hours in New York what’s your plan?
I’m not talking a trip up the Top of the Rock, I’m talking about where are you going to eat? It is my firm belief that all great plans begin, feature and end with a great meal, so if this sounds like your kind of itinerary then I think we are going to get along just fine. I’m thinking: 1 city – 24 hours – 3 meals = 3 amazing restaurants to visit?


Let’s cut straight to the chase, there’s food involved and we never mess around with restaurants. These three are my favorite places I have visited in the last two weeks so I promise you they will not disappoint. Just prepare yourself for a busy day and make sure you’re wearing baggy trousers (think Joey from Friends in his Thanksgiving pants) and don’t worry if you feel guilty after I have just the solution: you can work it off the next day at a Trapeze class? I have literally thought of everything. Now get to it:



Bluestone 1

Breakfasts don’t get much better than at the Bluestone Lane Collective Café or at least not that I have found yet, so if you want to start your day properly then this is a better place than any. And yes so I may be slightly bias because it’s an Australian themed café but this means they are ingrained to provide decent coffee and Smashed Avocado on the menu or there will be outrage, both which thankfully they do. Best coffee I have had so far.


Grab a table outside and enjoy the beauty of fall as you watch the world go by, this place is exactly the friendly and relaxed environment you want to spend your morning in. O and the food, the complete star of the show, when I struggle to decide on what to order off a menu I know I’m on to something good. In fact the only way I managed to reach a decision was because I saw the guys food at the table next to us and had instant food envy. I pretty much insist you try the Green Baked Eggs.

Bluestone 2

If I could eat breakfast here every day without getting fatter and poorer then you wouldn’t have to ask me twice. This is definitely a place you need to make a visit to in New York, unquestionably my favourite breakfast spot, makes me miss Melbourne but at least I’ve finally found good coffee.


Find Bluestone Lane Collective Café here:
55 Greenwich Ave,
New York.


Davio 1

It is rare, no sorry correction: *It is practically unheard of, to find a restaurant that offers equal options for Gluten Free. Trust me, if this is you or you have that one friend then you will understand the hassle of trying to dine out. More often than not you’re getting a salad and if you ask if there’s anything gluten free chances are they won’t know what you are on about, they will start going on about dairy and you will still end up with a salad. It’s ridiculous, in fact it’s downright annoying, so hallelujah for Davios who have just brought out a completely separate Gluten Free menu. Finally a place where you are treated as a customer not an inconvenience.

This is your ideal lunch spot (or dinner) it’s slightly classier but the quality of the food is second to none and the price is actually surprisingly reasonable considering. Without doubt you need to try the Burrata – why not get that to start to share and enjoy with one of their seasonal cocktails. To actually have GF crackers to enjoy the cheese with is a god send. Thank you Davios.

Davio Burrata

For me the true test of a restaurants GF success: try their bread or pasta, trust me I’ve tried enough over the years to now be a slight pasta snob but my pasta dish was so tasty: try the GF Pasta with Mushrooms and Truffle Oil. You know they’re doing something right when you panic because your food tastes too good. If for some crazy reason you actually have room for more after that mammoth meal then by all means go ahead and order a dessert, for me I was ready for a lie down – serious food coma.

Davio pasta 2

Davios is a definite spot you want to keep in mind for lunch, classy without being pretentious and the quality of the food speaks for itself. Whoever you’re dining with, allergies, intolerances, you name it the team at Davios will actually be more than happy to make sure you don’t leave hungry. Great place, even greater food.

Find Davios here:
447 Lexington Avenue,
New York



Finally it’s dinner time, if you have any room left? Well trust me you’ll be hungry as soon as you see the food here. Did you know that these guys not only make incredible authentic Neapolitan pizzas using ingredients flown over specially from Italy which are then cooked in their 2 ton wood fired pizza oven (also flown in from Naples) but that these guys have managed to achieve the impossible, they actually offer a Gluten free pizza base and it’s good, like seriously good.

Sotto 3

Ask any GF and we will all say the same, by now most food imitations have been perfected for us, stuff like GF breads and pastas sometimes taste so good I get scared but GF pizza is the tough one. I haven’t enjoyed a GF pizza base that didn’t taste and look like a cremated Frisbee until now. Hallelujah. And it’s about time – I know it’s still not going to look as authentic as it’s real counterpart but for the first time ever it’s given it a good go and you can finally enjoy a great slice of pizza.

Sotto 1

The guys at Sottocasa are lovely and the space is gorgeous – think industrial and stripped back with a big nod towards upcycling – check out the cute little herb garden out back in the old sink and I’m sure you’ll notice the homage to the head Chefs love of skateboards – you’ll find them throughout the restaurant, cleverly making up benches and artwork. Make sure you also keep an eye out for any upcoming Art Exhibits that the guys are holding. Pizza, wine and art = makes for a perfect, casual evening.

Sotto 2Photo Credit: Karen Mowery

So there’s no reason not to pop straight over and finally enjoy that GF pizza you have been dreaming of, keep it simple and let the amazing quality of the produce do the talking. Margherita anyone?

Find Sottocasa here:
232 N 12th St, Brooklyn

So…what do you think?
Does this sound like your type of day plan? Obviously I expect you to add in a few coffee breaks here and there to really do it properly. But trust me all three of these places are well worth a visit at some point in New York. Just don’t blame me when you keep going back for more.



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