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A Picture is Worth a Thousands Words

As much as I love to read and write I firmly believe the saying: A picture is worth a thousands words.
I have one very old, very tattered photograph that I carry around with me where ever I travel, half the time I probably forget it’s even in my purse but just a quick glimpse of the faded picture and I get such an overwhelming feeling of emotion that this one tiny picture is worth more to me in sentimental value than if my purse was overflowing with notes.
I think we all have that picture, that image of something or someone that is so important and personal to us. Photographs are powerful – each one has a story.


There’s something so special about being able to look at a moment that someone has carefully captured in a photograph, it’s right there in front of you offering you an insight to that experience, it doesn’t matter what it is because at that moment it meant something:

tumblr_nceafdcDA11qef8njo1_1280 tumblr_nflbx5Ej0x1qef8njo1_1280000023NY tumblr_ntmyn0eJF81qef8njo1_1280

We take so many photographs all the time, especially when we travel, of the places, the people, the food, you name it. It doesn’t matter if we never do anything with half of them, what matters is that we have them and they are there ready and waiting. Waiting to remind and excite us about a time and a memory that we may have forgotten. Photographs are beautiful and special and so personal to each individual, they hold the power to transport us back to a place or a time with one little glance.


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  1. This post is beautiful! I always take pictures but this is a great reminder of why I love to do that! Helps time travel! Amy Poheler discusses “time travel” in Yes please and I really believe pictures can do that for you whether mental or physical pictures they have so much power!


    • Definitely. That and certain songs – we haven’t been back home in about 3years now and I love looking through photos and playing musis to remember moments and places and of course people.


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