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Viva Las Vegas

What’s a trip to America without including a wild weekend to Vegas – a missed opportunity that’s what.
When the chance came up in New York to go for the weekend I’d booked my flight quicker than you can say The Hangover. It was always going to happen, I mean come on…it’s Vegas, I’ve been planning a trip here ever since CSI Las Vegas first came into my life.


And flights are surprisingly cheap and dangerously convenient, we flew Friday afternoon – arrived at 9pm and left Tuesday on the red eye landing at 5.30am, perfect for all those hungover businessmen to stumble bleery eyed straight into the office – we saw you. We were staying at The Paris, so perfectly cliche Vegas – but also my favourite casino, that outdoor-indoor theme was a nice improvement from some of the low ceiling smoke dens you find in the other places. 


It’s pretty obvious what your weekend is going to consist of, of course there was a few cliche things I wanted to do: place a bet (and obviously lose) walk the strip, see the fountain show, visit the big hotels but it’s not like there’s any need to suggest stuff for people to do but just incase here’s some personal highlights:


  • Go see a show – I mean there’s enough of them it would be rude not to. And there’s literally something for everyone. We kept it simple: a Magic Show with the very enthusiastic Mat Franco and it was actually really good fun. I’m pretty dubious about this kinda thing but it was a fun night and broke the day up nicely as something different.
  • Happy Half Hour on The Highroller – I was having flashbacks of being stuck on the London Eye with my weird Aunt and Uncle as a child, being imprisoned for an annoying long time in a baked bean looking at the same thing as time stands still. I mean come on once you’ve taken your pictures and ooooed at the bright lights then that’s it, you’re done. But and a big but here… that didn’t have a free bar did it? Now you’re interested. Well worth getting some tickets and going for a half hour ride, drink sensibly kids (well you have half an hour to get your moneys worth so take from that what you will)


  • Ride the rides on top of The Stratosphere, because I mean just why wouldn’t you? It’s theme park rides on top of a hotel above the Vegas Strip. Just a really, fun activity to break up your roulette hours, so yeh it might not be the wildest rides you’ve ever been on but you tell me one person who doesn’t enjoy seeing the pictures they take after a ride?


  • Brunch date at Mon Ami Gabi : three words – Bloody Mary Bar. BM heaven, they give you the glass and the vodka, steer you towards a lovely counter laden with goodies and the rest is up to you. Safe to say I got carried away and made a beast, still tasted pretty damn good. But if this isn’t incentive enough for you (what is wrong with you) then the food is great too. And hallelujah they actually had Gluten Free stuff. Mon Ami Gabi took my gluten-free Waffle virginity and boy it was good.

If you don’t have a fun weekend then something has gone seriously wrong, look out for events or celeb parties if that’s your thing, go and visit all the big hotels you’ve always seen in films and get ready to come home smelling like an ash tray. Remember drinks are free in Casinos – although realistically the amount you lose there it’s probably the most expensive drink you’ve ever brought but it’s one weekend so enjoy.


So until next time Las Vegas : Big bucket list tick. Now onto the next stage of our adventure, after a few days in Vegas we decided we need something completely different, we were renting a car and driving to Death Valley. Can you get any ‘Less Vegas’ than that? Wait and see.

Photo Credit all mainly down to the lovely Karen Mowery

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