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Smashed Mint & Pea Bruschetta

After a winter that would have made London proud it is finally heating up in Melbourne. Summer is definitely on the way, so time to start weaning yourself off soups and winter meals and have some fun with some fresh summer recipes. 

This recipe for our Smashed Minted Pea Bruschetta probably can’t even be called a recipe because it’s that simple to make. It is the perfect meal to quickly knock up for a light lunch to take outside and enjoy in the sun, I’ve even made it a few times this week for breakfast with a poached egg.
I think we forget how good Peas are for us, you never really see a frozen bag and think ‘aaaa superfood’ but we should, those tiny little guys are full of a host of powerful phytonutrients (very good stuff) and lots of key antioxidants.


What you’ll need:

– x2 cups of frozen peas
– decent handful of fresh mint
– tablespoon of greek yoghurt
– 1/2 lemon
– GF crackers
– Salt and pepper
– olive oil

What you’ll need to do:

– put your peas in a bowl and cover in hot water (you don’t need to boil you don’t want soggy peas)
– after a few minutes drain the water and add the peas back into the bowl
– add in your thinly diced mint, yoghurt and season then with a fork roughly mash and mix together
– pile onto your GF crackers and squeeze some lemon on top
– that is it


And it literally is that straightforward, it’s fresh, it’s healthy, it tastes great and look how good it looks. This is the perfect summer recipe.



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