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Raw Vegetable & Mango Salad

‘I ate really well over Christmas’ said no-one ever.
It’s Christmas. With the best will in the world you’re usual healthy lifestyle is going to slip, eating habits go out the window and it’s hard to stick to your exercise plan. But that’s life and again…it’s Christmas so give yourself a break and get over it. After what seems like a full month of festivities this salad is an amazing detox from all the eating and over indulgence plus it tastes so damn good.

Since we’re spoilt for choice with fruit and veg all year round in Melbourne, salads are a great & healthy option and an essential player in the BBQ game – an Australian institution of course. Did someone say new favourite lunch dish? I think so.

What you’ll need:
– x1 carrot grated (or spiralised)
– ½ beetroot grated
– handful of green beans (tailed and sliced length ways)
– ¼ red cabbage shredded
-1/2 mango sliced into slithers
– handful of coriander roughly chopped
– handful of peanuts roughly smashed up
– oil
– ½ lemon

What you’ll need to do:
– cut and grate all your veg as directed and throw in a big bowl
– roughly chop up your coriander and add in with your crushed peanuts
– peel and slice your mango and add in
– drizzle with oil and squeeze in your lemon and season well
– toss together and you’re done

The perfect recipe for those after-holiday blues. The nutrients and vitamins in all the veg and mango is exactly what your body needs right now after all these Christmas festivities. So eat up and enjoy – who said these healthy New Years resolutions have to taste bad? You can still be healthy and create amazing dishes.


Hope everyone had an amazing time over the holidays with all your friends your families. Here’s to everything this next year brings.


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