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24hrs in Melbourne

There’s a reason Melbourne’s been voted the most liveable city in the world for the 5th year running, hundreds of reasons in fact. Why else do you think we moved here from London?
24 hours is never going to be long enough but here are some of our favorite things for you to check out in Eight Hours does 24hours in Melbourne with Eventbrite:


COFFEE: Lawson Grove Cafe


You can’t start a day in Melbourne without a coffee, it’s pretty much the law here. One of my favorite places is a bit of a hidden secret, Lawson Grove Café is a local treasure, places this good don’t come about often so definitely worth checking out.

ACTIVITY: Walk around the Royal Botanical Gardens


Coffee in hand take a stroll along the river towards the Botanical Gardens, the most beautiful place around, just wander through or sit and relax by the lake. In Summer they even hold a Moonlight Cinema in front of the water with the city as the backdrop. Think of the Instragram potential.



I’m not ashamed to admit this is my favorite part of the day, it’s all about a good Brunch. You can’t move for all the Smashed Avos, Chia Puddings and girls in active wear but if you can’t beat them join them, literally. Jump into the queue outside Uncommon, the new breakfast spot killing it in Windsor. Their health inspired menu is ridiculously good and refreshingly unpretentious, sign us up. Take advantage of the wait and check out Chapel Street Bazaar – a treasure trove of the most weird and wonderful stuff.  But back to the food: look no further than their Asparagus, Avo and Silverbeet on Toast. Unreal.


ACTIVITY: head to Queen Vic Markets


Next up a  visit to a Melbourne institution, the Queen Vic Markets, this place is huge and always fun to walk around. If you’re around on a Wednesday evening definitely check out their Night Market, live bands, cheap sangria and too many food stalls to choose from. Makes for a fun relaxed evening.


LUNCH: Vegie Bar in Fitzroy

After killing a few hours (and calories) admiring the views strolling around this beautiful city it’s probably time for more food and this restaurant always delivers. Before any of you die hard carnivores start kicking up a fuss – yes this is a Vegetarian restaurant (what gave it away…) but it’s also one of the most popular places to eat around town. Try and grab a seat out back in their courtyard and you’ll see why it’s gained cult status – so tasty.


The vibes pretty cool up North,  spend some time in the afternoon to walk around the neighbourhood, down the quirky alley ways, check out the shops and 100% make time for a few cocktails.  If you’re after a rooftop bar for an amazing view of the city: check out Naked in the Sky (if you can get a seat that is)


DINNER: Chin Chin


For dinner there’s really only ever going to be one answer, Chin Chin. There’s a reason this is the most famous restaurant in Melbourne. The wait time for a table is legendary but so is the quality of their food so it’s all worth it in the end. Whilst you wait head for a drink (or x4) swerve their GoGo Bar downstairs and head to our favorite: Eau du Vie. Melbourne is all about the quirky cocktail bars, if it doesn’t have a secret entrance, a crazy gimmick and a killer cocktail list then it’s not a true Melbourne bar and this one is one of the best.
If you didn’t know it was there you’d never know it existed, get ready for some of the best cocktails you’ve ever tried, their version of an Espresso Martini…two words: liquid nitrogen. Yep that’s right, it’s the stuff dreams are made of, crack your way through the ice cream top. Doesn’t get much better than that.


A few cocktails down it’s Chin Chin time – order a selection of dishes to share and get ready for some of the best quality food I’ve ever had. Just be warned no meal’s going to measure up so you’re going to have to come back for more.


ACTIVITY: Cocktails

If you don’t roll out of Chin Chins you’ve really let yourself down, if there was ever a place to treat yourself it’s here but if you can handle it there’s plenty of bars in the CBD to check out after. Some of the best, Goldilocks (rooftop bar through a Chinese), Section 8 – lively outdoor bar in a shipping container and for a little late night luxury, it’s all about Siglo, grab a seat on their rooftop with a ridiculous view overlooking Parliament and end the night properly, with a few cocktails of course.


Final thing we promise, you can’t end 24hours in Melbourne anywhere but propping up the counter in Pellegrinis. It’s straight out of a film, a real Italian coffee experience, no frills  but it’s pretty damn decent. They even have a selection of their home made cakes if you’ve got room for desert.


Some other activities you should definitely find time for:

Take a Moonlight Kayak Tour through Melbourne.
Takes exploring to a whole new level, did I mention you eat a fish and chip dinner in your kayak on the water. Plus you get the best view in the house of Crowns evening fire show. Well worth doing, because who sightsees by foot these days.


Head out the city- Mornington Peninsula or Great Ocean Road – less than an hour outside the city and home to some gorgeous forests, beaches and wineries. Book a wine tour and be chauffeured around a number of the best vineyards, sampling all the wine and cheese you can handle or have a leisurely break by the beach and go for a long hike or horse ride. Picture perfect.



Check out Eventbrites Event Management Page to support local creations.

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