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Baked Easter Eggs

I hate Chocolate.
Can you picture the outrage I get when this comes up in conversation? You’re probably doing it right now, how? What? Why? But I just don’t like it, never have, so all this Easter-food excitement is completely lost on me. Try telling that to my Dad who still buys me an Easter Egg despite me never eating chocolate my whole life, he’s chosen the route of refusing to accept it’s humanly possible or he just knows he gets to eat it, but give me a real egg any day.


So in the efforts of doing something Easter related with not an Easter Egg or Hot Cross Bun in sight here is a recipe we made last year, Baked Easter Eggs. If you’re not a chocolate fan either then this one is for you. An eggscellent idea I think, this recipe is so easy to throw together, just use whatever you’ve got in the cupboards, don’t worry about it being too eggstravagant, it’s Easter after all and it’s time to relax. I’m counting down the hours until it’s the long weekend. The only plan I’ve hatched is to make no plans and have a rest. Cracking idea right? Doesn’t get more eggciting than that? (too many puns? You must be yolk-ing)


What you’ll need

-2 red onions
– 2 tins of chopped tomatoes
– big handful of basil
– x2 cloves of garlic
– x1 small chili
– feta
– 4 eggs
– black olives
– 2 teaspoons of tahini


What you’ll need to do

– chop up your red onion, garlic and chili and fry  until soft
– add in the chopped tomatoes, olives, tahini and some of the torn up basil leaves and leave to simmer away until thicker (about 8 minutes)
– transfer into your baking dish and make 4 dips in the sauce, attempt as best as possible to crack an egg into these
– scatter the remaining basil leaves and crumble the feta on top
– bake in the oven for about 8 minutes on a low heat
– Then enjoy


And there you have it, an easy Brunch recipe that is going to be perfect for your lazy weekend. Best part is it’s rich in nutrients and valuable proteins, it takes no time to throw together so you hardly have to move out of bed and you can always make whatever combination you fancy, spicy? Mexcian? You name it – it always works. Play around with your favorite ingredients.


Enjoy and most importantly have a lovely relaxing weekend. Sometimes we worry too much about trying to cram in so many plans and making the most of every second of time off we don’t give ourselves the time to actually enjoy it and relax.
Making a point to plan time to relax and do nothing is the most important plan you can make and usually the hardest one to keep. 



  1. violetannie63 says

    That looks yummy 🙂 I’m not supposed to eat chocolate, due to a kidney problem, but people still buy my chocolate as gifts all the time. They say “Oh, a little bit won’t hurt you” – but then buy me a whole box of the stuff. Slightly annoying. Kind, but annoying 🙂

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