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LOMBOK PART 1. Kuta & Gerupuk

As travel goes the start of ours is how to put it…basic. After our little ‘holiday’ in Bali for the first few days now the ‘real travelling’ has to begin. We left our friends and their 5* resort, gained Jonnys brother and another surfboard and set off. 2 days and a missed flight later and we finally arrived in Lombok. First stop from the airport was the nearby town of Kuta. Thankfully Kuta, Lombok couldn’t be further away from its Bali namesake, which is pretty much like an Indonesian Malia. First impressions could definitely have been worse, it’s calmer, more beautiful and just all round nicer than Bali in my opinion. It’s the landscapes that got me, luscious greenery everywhere and mountains dominating the skyline, finally this was real. But apparently not quite real enough for the boys, because we left our little bamboo bungalow and moved to Gerupuk, a local fishing village where Robbie spent last summer and trust me when I stress ‘local village’ I’m talking not a sniff of wifi anywhere. I …

Exploring Indonesia

So we decided to escape the winter in Melbourne and run away to Indonesia for a month or longer. Something we’ve dreamed about before we even settled in Australia. We don’t have any set plan, know where we are going or what we are doing, all we want is the freedom of adventure. Could be worse ways to spend a month. We are now three days in after meeting up with friends we hadn’t seen for almost a year in Sanur, Bali, and spending our first days exploring and unwinding, next stop Lombok. So look out for all our updates and photographs along the way, any tips would be amazing.