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Melbourne Moonlight Kayak Tour

Don’t you agree the best way to explore a new place is to walk around for hours and see what you stumble across. But is this the funnest? Perhaps not. What about taking in all the sights of Melbourne from the ‘comfort’ of your kayak as you drift along the river through the city. And did I mention the part where you stop and are served fish and chips in your little raft whilst watching the sunset? Don’t tell me you’re not intrigued. This is exactly what happened when we went on a Moonlight Kayak Tour with Jonnys parents and my sister. Going to be honest I was absolutely terrified, I hate, hate, hate the water, and I was being partnered with my sister in a kayak for 2.5hours, who’d be as useful as a chocolate teapot, so things didn’t look promising. But as we floated around it hit me that I was actually really enjoying it. My biggest fears were mainly capsizing, drifting away, and mostly a shark attack, but thank fully we survived with nothing more …

Great Ocean Roaming

If you find yourself in Australia or more importantly Melbourne way, then there is something you have to make sure you do. Get a group of mates together, hire a van, pack it full of gin, surfboards and wet wipes and drive the Great Ocean Road. Stop to take way too many photos of the amazing coastline, walk until you find a waterfall and relax on the gorgeous beaches whilst the lads catch a wave. Make sure you tear yourself away from the coastline and get lost in the incredible forests near Apollo Bay. Forget the Twelve Apostles, this place was the highlight for us. It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful. It’s very worth it. Enjoy.

Ticking off Fraser Island

Casually cooking up a culinary storm as per last night and we got talking about what had been the highlights so far of Australia. Whilst I’m still trying to forget our stint as shepherds and Jonny’s holding back the tears mourning his beloved motorbike the one thing we both agreed on was when we visited Fraser Island. It couldn’t have come at a better time, Jonny had only been here less than a month and he’d spent the majority checking out the delights of a hospital wing as I recovered from surgery. Not quite the wild reunion I bet he’d had in mind. So escaping on a little holiday was well deserved for Dr Jon. We’d heard from so many different people that checking out Fraser Island was a must do but being the pessimist I am, I expected an anti-climax after all the hype. Bit like the first time you watched Borat after every ones already told you the jokes, but thankfully our visit definitely did not disappoint. The place itself is postcard perfect, all the …