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Christmas Carrot Cake & Cranberry Bites

Theres no denying it any longer – Christmas is literally just round the corner. I know the shops have been in the Christmas spirit since early May but I like to avoid it for as long as possible, some may say Grinch but I have no desire to hear Mariah wailing on about what she wants for Christmas every time I go tin a supermarket.
Christmas literally means food overload, let’s be honest everything revolves around eating: Work parties, buffets, enough food at meals to feed a small army, and there’s always that big bowl of chocolates that appears in the house for “guests”.


So in an attempt to embrace Christmas but in a nice healthy way, why not make our Christmas Carrot Cake & Cranberry Bites. Who needs a Terrys Chocolate Orange when you can snack on one of these? Trust us – it’ll be worth it when January comes around and you don’t want to hibernate for the year.
These are full of healthy all natural ingredients, they are quick and easy to make because come-on who has spare energy in December? And we can pretend they are festive because they taste like Christmas (trust us – you’ll see when you try one) and the coconut looks like snow? Who’s the Grinch now aye? Even if we are in Melbourne and about to head to the Beach.


What you’ll need:

– x2 carrots finely grated
– large handful of pitted dates
– large handful of cranberries
– x2 cups of mixed nuts
– dollop of honey
– 1 cup of desicated coconut (+ more to roll the balls in at the end)
– teaspoon of nutmeg

What you’ll need to do:

– Add all your ingredients to your food processor and blitz until the mixture is sticking together
– Add in more honey or cranberries depending on your taste
– Empty the sticky mixture out and roll into little balls in your hands
– Empty some coconut onto a plate and roll your balls around until generously covered just like snow
– store in your fridge and enjoy


And there you have it our little Christmas Bites, with the naturally sweet combination of the carrots and dates you’re still getting your ‘sugar’ fix, plus carrots and cranberries are full of nutrients and antioxidants, a pretty essential win win during this feasting period. These are so easy to make and such an easy snack to have on hand, what’s better not only do they taste great but they are good for you. If ever you needed a chocolate alternative it’s now. Enjoy.




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