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Gluten Free Roasted Beetroot and Tomato Tart

I am typing this to you as we sit on the beach in Lombok sipping on a fresh coconut, definitely worse ways to start the day. Whilst we put together our first proper post on our adventure so far here is a little post we forget we had about a dinner we rustled up before we left. Enjoy…

After watching an episode of Masterchef the other night I decided they make cooking look deceptively easy, I mean if these ‘everyday people’ can create a masterpiece Gordon would be proud of in under 5seconds then surely I can attempt a gluten free tart? No? You don’t believe it either?
To be fair I don’t blame you. I’m not talking about no ready made pastry tart, I’m going for the full works, and trying to adapt it in our own little way. I mean all that butter? No thank you. Surprisingly the hardest part wasn’t making the dough for the pastry, this was pretty straightforward despite missing a rolling pin I’d say we did an alright job. It was losing patience waiting for the beetroot to roast that got me.


However now I know how simple it is to whip up a tart base I think I may make one more often and have some fun with different variations, I’d say add some nuts to your base for added flavour and texture. Go for it. It’s a simple light dinner option, we meant to serve it with a little side dish but you know what, you don’t really even need it. Enjoy.

What you’ll need –

For the dough:

-250g gluten free flour

-50g salted butter

-50g coconut oil

-1 egg


For the topping-

-1 beetroot

-2 tomatoes

-soft cheese


-red onion


What you’ll need to do –

-peel and chop the beetroot and roast in an oven (180c) until cooked, around 30mins

-in a bowl combine the ingredients for the dough and using your fingers combine

-add the egg and knead until you have a dough

-if its too sticky add in a splash of water

-flour a countertop and you want to roll your dough out

-we didn’t have a rolling pin or suitable tray but no worries, we just shaped our dough into a square shape for a base

-bake this dough in the oven for 10 minutes whilst you prepare your toppings

-slice the tomatoes and red onion

-get the pastry out and spread the cheese on top or in large chunks

-arrange the tomato and onion over the pastry and then add on the beetroot and basil and season

-bake for another 30-40 minutes until pastry is cooked

-then serve and enjoy.

Could that be any simpler? Still surprised how straightforward this was. Looks impressive. Tastes good. That’s all that matters.



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