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Melbourne Moonlight Kayak Tour

Don’t you agree the best way to explore a new place is to walk around for hours and see what you stumble across. But is this the funnest? Perhaps not.
What about taking in all the sights of Melbourne from the ‘comfort’ of your kayak as you drift along the river through the city. And did I mention the part where you stop and are served fish and chips in your little raft whilst watching the sunset? Don’t tell me you’re not intrigued. This is exactly what happened when we went on a Moonlight Kayak Tour with Jonnys parents and my sister.


Going to be honest I was absolutely terrified, I hate, hate, hate the water, and I was being partnered with my sister in a kayak for 2.5hours, who’d be as useful as a chocolate teapot, so things didn’t look promising. But as we floated around it hit me that I was actually really enjoying it.


My biggest fears were mainly capsizing, drifting away, and mostly a shark attack, but thank fully we survived with nothing more than a few blisters and even more importantly we weren’t even the worst ones on the tour. Granted Harriet and I stayed strong right at the back but one couple had to get towed along by the guide. I think the other leader thought I was joking when I asked him to do the same for us, I wasn’t, it was really tiring stuff.


It took around 2.5hours altogether timed perfectly to coincide with the sunset, which is pretty beautiful to watch on the water, and it’s quite a leisurely pace. If I can survive it, I literally think anyone can. You even get to watch the infamous fire show on the banks of Southbank by Crown. Did I mention dinner…on the water…in a kayak. If that doesn’t sell it to you no amount of sunset pictures are going to.


This is such a unique way of seeing the city, and such a fun way to spend an evening. Perfect for a random activity or a special occasion, I mean come on, who wouldn’t love a little kayak adventure. It’s finding different things like this to do that make us fall for Melbourne more and more.


Contact the Moonlight Kayak Tour here –
$99 pp


  1. Nikola says

    I live in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and I travel into the city quite a lot but I have never heard of this! Can’t wait to give it ago!! On my list for the weekend! 🙂


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